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Angela Marble, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Portuguese photographer comes to Curitiba to chat and read portfolio

London Theatre receives this Thursday (28) the artist, curator and photographer Angela Portuguese Marble, you will participate in a chat about "the intimacy of the photo". The event, that starts at 7:00 pm and has free entry, want to wake up to the audience for a discussion about the plurality of creative processes and investigate the different sensibilities involved in strategies for creation and production of artist's projects.

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From this and, from your recent book "Aba Nynhã", Angela Marble will reveal your immersion process, as well as the poetic journey of your research by indigenous communities of the Northeast, reinforced by the intention to enhance emotional and poetic aesthetics to the hybridism of photography.

In addition, Angela will offer at the Museum of photography portfolio and photo reading-books for artists interested in reflecting on your creative process and methods to promote and position your photo language. The workshop happens this Friday (29), from 14h to 18h. Entries cost R$ 100 and can be made via phone (41) 3321-3260.

Ângela Berlinde. Foto: Divulgação.

Angela Marble. Photo: Disclosure.

Angela Marble – The artist and PhD in Visual communication and Plastic Expression has an extensive resume. Active in the Academy, has been Director of the Visual Arts course – photo at the Escola Superior Artística do Porto, taught in your passage in Brazil in the course of art and communication in integrated College great fortress and today acts as a teacher at the school of Media Arts and Design at Vila do Conde in Portugal. Has works in several individual and collective exhibitions for museums in Europe and integrates, constantly, since 2004, critical readings of festivals photography portfolios of Arles, Lodz, Paris, Bratislava, Tsalonikki, Budapest and Vienna.

The photographer is curator of cultural projects and exhibitions of contemporary art in Portugal and in Brazil and published works on the Portuguese India and about the Portraits of Brazilian Indians. After the premiere in the city of Montevideo, in Uruguay, the exhibition of photography and video "Tab Nhynã" (in tupi guarani, "heart of Indian") was presented in the center of Bilbao photography (Spain). It is a documentary project about the myths and stories of indigenous peoples of Brazil and the way these Nations relate to your image and if auto-representam.

Chat "the intimacy of the photo"
Local: London Theatre – Memorial of Curitiba
Date: 28 September, at 19h.
Tickets: free.
Reading portfolio and photo-books
Local: Museum of photography
Date: 29 September, from 14 at 18h.
Value of Inscription: R $100,00

Information: (41) 3321-3260


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