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Book cover '' Elysian Fields - history and pictures '', Juan Esteves. Disclosure.

Photos of Juan Esteves in the exhibition "Elysian Fields" reveal a utopian São Paulo

The exhibition features a selection of 40 the photographs of "Elysian Fields – history and images ", Photographer book Juan Esteves and of Antonio Carlos Hold Abdalla, This responsible for editorial coordination.

A Cultural Porto Seguro features "Elysian Fields", unprecedented display images Photographer Juan Esteves. The show brings together a set of 40 photographs that are part of a registration project of the São Paulo architecture of the historic city center. For the contract, which has lasted ten years, the photographer has the partner curator and art historian Antonio Carlos Hold Abdalla. The opening takes place in day 17 March, Saturday, to 11 hours. On occasion there will also be the launch of the book "Elysian Fields – history and images ", and signing with the curator and photographer.

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The photos of the exhibition are a cut of 100 images that make up the book "Elysian Fields – history and images ". In it, the photographer records the artistic and architectural heritage of the Champs Elysees, São Paulo neighborhood where were built hundreds of houses and palaces that served as the residence of the oligarchy coffee farmers, at the end of the century 19. In the century 20, the neighborhood would arise buildings from different strands of modernist architecture and, then, metamorphoses heterogeneous characteristics of sprawl of the metropolis.

What building is this? - All photos of Juan Esteves in Elysian Fields are in black and white. For him, press the shutter button and the camera capturing the image is just the beginning. After, the photographer performs a thorough treatment of the original image and eliminates what he calls "contemporary temporal noise". The "noise" referred Esteves are elements that interfere with the view of buildings in its original architecture, as light wires, changes in facades, among others.

To do click Juan Esteves You need no more than ten or fifteen minutes, treating each picture takes about ten to twelve hours. He, which has the picture as the main specialty, says treat the buildings as if they were people. "I make the characters buildings."

When looking at the picture, It is common the viewer does not recognize even a building in front of which passes every day. You can realize then, between the real and the reconstruction made by Esteves, it is possible to see another São Paulo behind so many

“Although today's records, these my photos end up appearing to be old ", the firm Juan Esteves. "This is a paradox, a paradox look. The building is new and, at the same time, very old, as if back to the origins. "

An interesting fact is that all the pictures were taken from the point of view of those who are walking on the street, by those on the ground. "I am a walker, one flâneur”, account the photographer. "Ando compulsively the city and my gaze is constantly drawn to the details. I think that's what sets this my job. "

Mansions and palacesJuan Esteves and Antonio Carlos Hold Abdalla selected for the Show "Elysian Fields" forty photographs, between the 100 that they are in the book "Elysian Fields – history and images ". Ten of the photos are enlarged in shape 70 cm x 100 cm, and the other in the format 60 cm x 70 cm. All printed on cotton paper museum, and framed.

Among the iconic buildings that includes the selection are, among others, the Victoria Mansion and the Palace of the Champs Elysees; important architects buildings, as building Albertina, Cicero Prado and Cecilia, de Gregorian Warchavchik; and pictures of "rare architecture", as Building Duque de Caxias, built by Artacho Jurado. The set offers a wide view of Sao Paulo architecture through its historical path in the past 130 years.

O photographerJuan Esteves He was born in Santos, São Paulo. He began working as a photographer in 1980. It was photographer and newspaper photo editor S Sheet. Paulo between 1986 and 1994. His works are published in journals, newspapers and books in Brazil and in countries like England, Spain, Italy, China, Japan, Portugal, Holland, Denmark, France and the United States.

His photographs have been exhibited, individually and collectively, the MASP Museum of Art of São Paulo; Modern Art Museum MAM São Paulo; Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo; MAC Museum of Contemporary Art of São Paulo; MoMA PS1, in New York; Stedelijk Museum, in Sittard; Aschembach Gallery, in Munich; Team & Style Gallery, in Tokyo; e Point Ephemere, in Paris; among others.

It has images in the collections of MASP-Museum of Art of São Paulo; MAM-RJ Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro; MAM-SP-Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo; Oscar Niemeyer Museum, in Curitiba; MAC Museum of Contemporary Art of São Paulo; Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo; IMS-IMS; Itau Cultural Institute; MAB-FAAP Brazilian Art Museum; Bibliotèque Nationale de France, in Paris; e Museum Of Elisha, in Lausanne, among others.

Published several books, among them "55 Portraits" (2000), "Sao Paulo en Mouvement" (2005), "Presence" (2006) and "Capital: São Paulo and its architectural heritage” (2010).

About Cultural Porto Seguro -The Cultural Porto Seguro It is a platform for diverse artistic and cultural events with an emphasis on contemporary thought. Designed as part of the Porto Seguro Cultural Complex, cultural space comprising, theater, restaurant and cafe, the initiative operates in various forms of artistic expression.

The proposal is to bring to the public a complete and innovative experience of art through various activities: exhibitions, workshops, courses, workshops, symposia, fairs, festivals and everything else that can be done in partnership with the art circuit agents. education interventions are developed to the issues addressed in the exhibits that are on display.

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