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Signing of the Audiovisual Fund Contract. Photo: Doreen Marques.

Cultural Foundation and filmmakers sign contract for production of films

Curitibanos producers whose projects were selected by the edict "Audiovisual production FSA/FCC 2017" signed on the afternoon of Tuesday (5/12), at the headquarters of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba, policies which cover the transfer of R$ 2,7 million for the realization of films in various categories.

"This announcement specifically consolidates the strong relationship between the Foundation and the Audiovisual sector in Curitiba. Shows the quality of the projects that the class comes bringing to trial in the committees ", evaluates the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba, Marcelo Cattani.

The announcement was released at the end of July, marking the resumption of the Fund's investments Municipal de Curitiba-in this case, in partnership with the Audiovisual Sector Fund of the Ministry of culture, who made the contribution of R$ 1,5 million. Were covered 17 projects for full-length movies, documentary and short films.

In the selection process, the projects have passed through three stages of analysis: validation phase of the inscriptions, analysis of merits and documentary review. The merit of the proposals were evaluated by the Technical review group, formed by specialists convened solely for the public notice. Their decisions were later ratified by the FMC.

The producer Ana Catarina Lugarini had your short film project contemplated by public notice. It is the first time that she participates as a producer and she highlights the relevance of this support from the City Hall. “It is very valid for the Cultural Foundation to approve differentiated projects, of producing more diversified. It only enriches the audiovisual scene, so I'm quite happy ", the firm.

The film director Guto Pasko see the announcement as a chance to bring federal resources to the city. "It is very important because, more than double the resources for the audiovisual sector of Curitiba, helps to boost our production, so that the producers can bring specific lines resources then Fund Sector ", explained the Director, I signed a contract to produce a television film about the process of maintaining the traditions and cultural roots. The project will be filmed in Brazil and in Ukraine.

This year, In addition to the Announcement of the Audiovisual, the Curitiba Cultural Foundation launched the edicts of Carnival 2018 and Musical Supplies, I have also finalized and contractors. Were released R$ 1 million for the schools of samba and Carnival blocks prepare the next year's parade and R$ 300 thousand to 18 musical shows projects of the next season of the theatre in Madeira Island.

In the next few days will be open registration for more 10 edicts of the Municipal Culture Fund, the total amount of R$ 3,2 million, covering various artistic areas: Occupation of the Auditorium Antonio Carlos Kraide, Dance – Solar 2018, Occupation of exhibition spaces, Piá – Theater Season 2018, Circus in town, Shared authorship and Temporary Bases-Creativity Center of Curitiba, Folklore and cultural traditions, Cultural and artistic diffusion of Regional Centers of FCC, Publication 2018 – Comics and reading incentive Actions – Literature.

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