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Pink Ribbon Foundation and Americas Friends light up the Christ in October Rose

Recognised associations in awareness and combating breast cancer launch collective funding campaign to bring patients to the pink illumination of Christ the Redeemer

Christ The Redeemer, one of the main tourist points of Rio de Janeiro, is about to receive, once again, the pink lighting as a way to raise awareness for the fight against breast cancer. The initiative, scheduled for the evening of the day 5 October, It is part of a partnership between the Pink Ribbon Foundation and Americas Friends, non-profit associations that have a common mission: reduce the mortality rates of breast cancer and spread the cause in society. Together, They also advertise for Pink October 2015 a campaign of collective funding with donations from R$ 10,00, by site www.kickante.com.br, that will be initiated in 24 August and will stay in the air until the day of the event. The aim of the campaign is to take cancer patients to the pink lighting event, promoting a single emblematic meeting for Exchange of information and experience.

"This is a day long awaited by all those who believe and fight for the cause. Meet people who have the same purpose in a ceremony of faith, that goes beyond religion, It means a lot for the Pink Ribbon Foundation because it is the conclusion of efforts we move every day of the year. The partnership of the Americas is a very special's, because we have a deep respect and admiration for this NGO. We truly believe that, together, We can go further and make that next to people who believe what we're sensational ", comments Marcelle Mann, President of the Pink Ribbon Foundation, adding that this year the DJ Scarlet and the violinist Daiana Mazza will give the musical tone to the party. In addition, the monument will receive an action with volunteers who will distribute to visitors of the Cristo Redentor bilingual newsletters, Pink ties (symbol of the campaign) and face painting for those who visit the site between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

"Take the campaign message to thousands of people who see the Cristo Redentor illuminated in pink is our goal next to the Pink Ribbon Foundation. Reinforce the importance of early diagnosis is to give life a chance ", complements the President of Americas Friends, Francisca de Paula Harley.

With the support of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro and the participation of the Brazilian Federation of philanthropic institutions to support breast health (Femama), the event — which will take place at 6:00 pm —, will also feature with a blessing from father Omar Raposo, Rector of Christ the Redeemer and the presence of the municipal authorities and the State of Rio de Janeiro.

About the Pink Ribbon Foundation

Since 2011, the Pink Ribbon Foundation — which was born from the exciting life story of three sisters — could account for numerous achievements to their campaigns of awareness about early detection of breast cancer and the rescue of self-esteem. Besides the Bank of wigs Online — a free donation project of internet wigs for chemotherapy patients who have already answered, only in 2014, 1.045 families from across the country — the Pink Ribbon Foundation is also ahead of initiatives such as the Roses do Morro, which leads to poor communities information about the disease and women's rights, and the Educating for care, that includes lectures in public schools, spreading among children and teenagers the importance of early detection of breast cancer, causing them to take this message into the House.

Every year, in October, the institution illuminates with the color pink, that symbolizes the fight against cancer world, monuments of the city of Rio de Janeiro, as the Christ the Redeemer Statue, and of Niterói, as MAC. The carioca institution was also the only Rio de Janeiro representative selected in rigorous Professional Fellowship Program – Women Empowerment, promoted by the us Government, in September 2012, focusing on NGOs that are concerned with women's health. On occasion, the institution occupied one of the two spots near the largest institution of breast cancer in the world, to Susan G. Komen for the cure, for learning fundraising strategies, volunteering, health programs and education projects. This year, the institution was one of the 47 selected initiatives for Social Good Brazil Lab. and running for an award with a hair donation platform. In addition, the Pink Ribbon Foundation was invited to participate in the SIGEF 2015, global forum of ethnicities and social projects, This year, will take place in Geneva (Switzerland). The Foundation's efforts have led to international brand Carolina Herrera, CH PINK, closing an annual sponsorship contract for the development of new programs.

Brands like Enjoy, Victor Dzenk, Zinzane, Chocolates Cacao Brazil, Mills, Azul Linhas Aéreas, Wine, Supermaket, Mines oven, Dudalina, Depyl Action, Le Postiche, Werner, Juliana Paes Space, Pandora and Loungerie closed sponsorship contracts for October Rose actions. All will carry the mark of the institution — whose headquarters are in the administrative center of the Metrô Rio, NGO Space Between Friends, the journalist Márcia Peltier — in their products and thematic actions.

About the Americas Friends

Founded in 2009, the Americas Friends is a Civil society organization of public interest (OSCIP) and Human Rights Promoter Entity, whose mission is to reduce the mortality rates between the Brazilian, especially among the low-income population, through early detection of the disease. For both donates mammographers, trains and trains professionals in the field of mammography and promotes awareness-raising initiatives and information about breast cancer. Over six years of activities, the Association already donated 23 mammographers, eight digital mammography systems and a table of stereotaxy for philanthropic and public institutions in 11 Brazilian States. Thanks to donated equipment, more than 400 1000 mammograms have been carried out by the beneficiaries, among them two Navy ships from Brazil who provide medical care at Riverside populations of Amazonas and Pará. In celebration of October Rose 2015, in partnership with the Cancer Hospital Dr sponsorship. José Figueiredo the Americas will inaugurate its first's Mobile Unit that will offer tests and mammography leading to the opportunity of early detection of breast cancer for women in the State of Minas Gerais.


  1. Pink Ribbon Foundation and Americas Friends light up the Christ in October Rose

    Christ The Redeemer, one of the main… http://t.co/4C16HXq3EX

  2. Pink Ribbon Foundation and Americas Friends light up the Christ in October Rose

    Christ The Redeemer, one of the main… http://t.co/W7TCJeXMnp

  3. Pink Ribbon Foundation and Americas Friends light up the Christ in October Rose

    Christ The Redeemer, one of the main… http://t.co/oZwENLG0AV

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