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Exposure Between Go and Platform, Caio Pacela, Untitled. Photo: Disclosure.

Solar NGO Art Gallery Light Boys opens the exhibition Between Go and Platform

Solar Art Gallery, NGO Solar Meninos de Luz, promote free, from 5 July, in Copacabana, the exhibition Between Go and Platform. ten artists, curated by Osvaldo Centeno, bring new perspectives of art, both the plurality of materials as a means to about the artistic. It is considered the artisan side – required – each, where each work can work the most varied tools, from a simple trace, to sophisticated computer programs, through low-cost technologies or even consecrated by tradition as painting, the drawing, or embroidery.

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The gap between the artist and his work – the craftsman and his craft – It can be considered a lapse between the will and the platform, the moment he can create security in their journey or miss the beat and launch be the abyss.

This shows, ten artists cross their paths and dialogue with the unknown, addressing the multiplicity of genres in all segments of thinking, the make and act. It's up to the viewer to pay attention to detail, to invoices, to materials, the exhibition route to form an opinion. The conclusion, whatever it is, will not rule or exception, only is this gap between the Go and Platform.

About Solar Light boys

Solar Light boys is a civil organization and philanthropic, promoting integral education, Culture, sports, support for professionalization, basic health care and social assistance to families with higher level of destructuring of the Peacock communities-Communities and Cantagalo. The work has 34 anniversary and celebrates 27 years of Education Program in full 2018. The 418 children of 3 months before the 18 years of age remain in the nursery to high school Solar, joining universities and good jobs.


Caio Pacela
Fabia Schnoor
Jonas Esteves
Manu Alves
Marco Cavalcanti
Mayra Rodrigues
Rafael Mayer
Simone Rodrigues
Thainan Castro

Exposure Between Go and Platform
Curated by Osvaldo Centeno
Period: 5 from July to 25 August
Visitation: from Monday to Friday: 09h to 6:00 pm – Saturdays: 09h to 1:00 pm
Address: Solar Art Gallery – Rua Saint Roman, nº 146, Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro, RJ.
Phone: (21) 3202-6900
Entrance: free

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