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Solar art gallery presents the exhibition "through the looking glass"

Exposição Através do Espelho. Foto: Divulgação.

Exposure through the mirror. Photo: Disclosure.

Solar Art Gallery will promote, from 15 September, in Copacabana, the exhibition "through the looking glass". With 14 artists, curated by Isabel Sanson Portella and Keyur Benedicto and coordination of Osvaldo Centeno, the show takes us on a journey from the mirror, going through it, and brings us their reflections and thoughts materialized in art.

Mirrors are surfaces that reflect a light Ray in a direction set. With this pragmatic view, It was proposed a challenge to 14 contemporary artists who work in the city of Rio de Janeiro: thinking through the mirror.

In response to the challenge, the works presented a search for understanding of himself and of the world, through videos, facilities, performances, photographs, Visual poetry and paintings.

In copper since the fifth Millennium b.c., the mirrors evolved various materials until we get to contemporaries selfies on the screen of a Smartphone. The mirrors and the arts this shows instigarão real search beyond the image. The exhibition, free, goes to 30 October. Solar Art Gallery is on Rua Saint Roman, nº 146, Copacabana.


Adrianna I
Alessandro Sartore
Bianca Madruga
Elisa de Magalhães
Helena Trindade
Hugo Houayek
Keyur Benedicto
Leticia Tandeta Tartarotti
Patrizia D Angello
Regina Vater
Rosana Diuana
Alexandra Rossi
Ursula Tautz
Virginia P.

Exposure through the mirror:
Curated by Isabel Sanson Portella and Keyur Benedicto
Coordination of Osvaldo Centeno
Period: 15 September to 30 October
Visitation: from Wednesday to Friday, the 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm and on Saturdays from 10:00 to 2:00 pm.
Address: Solar Art Gallery – Rua Saint Roman, nº 146, Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro, RJ.
Entrance: Free.

Phone: (21) 3202-6900

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