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Gallery Entrecores Espaço de Arte performs the exhibition "Inspirations" with Great Success of Public by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti is Art Columnist.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is Art Columnist.

Full of inspirations, the Entrecores reopened its doors to its first colective exhibition of 2014

Inspiration, expiration and heartbeat. Again, inspiration, expiration and heartbeat and again: inspiration, expiration and heartbeat. This is perhaps the physiological pathway of how inspiration is born, that according to the dictionary itself defines, the adult male, at rest, performs 16 inspirations per minute. But what if he is inspired? If he's inspired of art, probably won't timing even half of this minute, but maybe pulse more, sigh more and get inspired more with his own inspirations and transpirations… In this mystical context that gets to be intense and breathless, the arts arise, activate, the true creations of artworks. And what is even inspirations?

A Gallery Entrecores Espaço de Arte, opened the colective exhibition "Inspirations", on 05 April, from 15hs, with great success of audience and a full House. The event included the participation of nine artists and a guest artist. The initial idea of ​​both artists as the gallery itself has been sharing their most intimate inspirations with the visiting public. An exhibit that features the "approach" and all the sensitivity of the artist during the process of creation and inspiration are reflected in their own works that will be presented during this period until 30 April.

The guest artist is the watercolorist Dircéa Mountfort. The artists that make up the show, are: Ana Bittar, Bebel Bastos, Capuccine Picicaroli, Celuta Wagner, Danilo Mônaco, Isaac Borba, Lucila Maia, Plínio Arenare and Rita Caruzzo.

Event Photos:

Collective Exhibition: "Inspirations" Date: Opening Cocktail on 5 April, from 15hs, open to public visitation until 30 April. Address: Gallery Entrecores Espaço de Arte, on the street Lima Barros, 52 – Jardim Paulista, between the streets Bento de Andrade and República do Líbano. (Check the map below)Opening time: Monday to Friday, from 10h to 17h and Saturday with appointments by Phone: (11) 3052.4288 Entrance: Free


Special Thanks for Collaboration in Matter:

Adriana Guidolin – Mtb 26728
Escritório de Arte GC2 Comunicação, Photography & Assistance
Av. Nove de Julho, 3206/23 – Jardim Paulista – SP
POSTAL CODE 01.406-000
Phone: (11) 30513106 – 9 93074167

This exhibition, was released day 02-04-14 here at website.





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