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Erika Mayumi, installation. Photo: Courtesy of the artist and Galeria Nara Roesler. Galeria Nara Roesler at EXPO CHGO ONLINE.
Erika Mayumi, installation. Photo: Courtesy of the artist and Galeria Nara Roesler. Galeria Nara Roesler at EXPO CHGO ONLINE.

Galeria Nara Roesler represents Brazil at EXPO CHGO ONLINE

With exhibition inspired by the poem ‘Sweet Spontaneous Earth’, de E.E Cummings, the gallery is among the 80 exhibitors at the international fair that begins on the 08 April

With the support of the project Latitude – Platform for Brazilian Art Galleries Abroad, an ABACT partnership (Brazilian Association of Contemporary Art) and Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Agency for Export and Investment Promotion), to Galeria Nara Roesler is one of the representatives of Brazil among the 80 galleries that will participate in the EXPO CHGO ONLINE, international contemporary and modern art fair, that takes place in virtual format 08 to 12 April.

“At a time when the online environment becomes an essential route for contact with the international public, the support of the Latitude Project for galleries is fundamental. Not only regarding participation in fairs and online platforms, but also with regard to disclosure to the international press. Being part of an internationalization project in times like the ones we are experiencing is something that favors and strengthens the galleries as a whole”, says Alexandre Roesler, director of Galeria Nara Roesler.

With the exhibition ‘Sweet Spontaneous Earth’ (Sweet and Spontaneous Earth), the gallery will present several works at the event that portray nature as something that is always evolving, that is indecipherable and of indomitable strength. The exhibition is inspired by the eponymous poem by E.E Cummings and aims to bring a reflection to the viewer of the benefits of slowing down through the greatness of nature: stop and watch, hear, breathe. The chosen works have precisely this effect, capturing and contemplating the admiration, in moments when we were amazed at the overwhelming nature of our planet.

Several artists participate in the exhibition: Alberto Baraya, Amelia Toledo, Brígida Baltar, Cássio Vasconcellos, Cristina Channel, Isaac julien, Karin Lambrecht, Marcelo Silveira, Marcos Chaves, Paulo Bruscky and Evgen Bavcar, Tomie Ohtake and Vic Muniz.

More information about EXPO CHGO ONLINE access www.expochicago.com

About Latitude – Platform for Brazilian Art Galleries Abroad

Latitude is a program developed through a partnership signed between the Brazilian Contemporary Art Association – ABACT and the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency – Apex-Brasil, to promote the internationalization of the Brazilian market for contemporary art. The museum was created in 2007, now has 58 primary market art galleries, located in seven Brazilian states and the Federal District, representing more than 1000 contemporary artists. Your goal is to create art business opportunities abroad, primarily through training activities, support for international integration and trade and cultural promotion.

The volume of definitive and temporary exports from the Latitude project galleries has been growing significantly. In 2007, US $ were exported 6 million and, according to the last Latitude Sector Survey published, in 2017 more than US $ 65 million. Latitude galleries were responsible for 42% of the total volume of exports in the sector in the year.

Since April 2011, when ABACT entered into an agreement with Apex-Brasil, were held 48 actions in more than 26 different international fairs, with approximately 300 supports granted to Latitude galleries. In this same period, were brought to Brazil approximately 250 international guests, between curators, collectors and market professionals, in 23 editions of Art Immersion Trips. In addition to these actions, Latitude held five editions of its Sectoral Survey, with annual data on the primary Brazilian contemporary art market.

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