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Gallery Obras de Arte

Good News Art Lovers !!

Here's a Great Tip for Your Consideration:

The Gallery has some cool features: (Worth checking out!)

  1. Are 4 display modes of the images: Grid, Mosaic, Carrossel e Slideshow (slides). You can choose at the bottom left of the Gallery, the best option for your viewing. By clicking on any image, She will go into full-screen mode.
  2. Passing your mouse over the artist's Album, You can slide by 50 the album's early works.
  3. You can configure the background color of the Gallery in 4 colors: Black, dark grey, light gray and white.
  4. Through the image size slider in thumbnail, Choose the size more enjoyable.
  5. There are scripts (programs) updating the Gallery automatically to make your display more rapid and smooth.
  6. In the grid, and Moisaco, passing your mouse over the images, information about the works will be displayed on the screen. The same information can be obtained by clicking the "i". You can also make comments, the button next to the information button.
  7. There are language options to be chosen in the top right corner, and just below integration with social networks, Facebook, Google + and Twitter.
  8. Ready, You can now enjoy the best of our gallery!
  9. Visit the Art Gallerywww.obrasdarte.com/galeriaobrasdarte.

A Visit Beautiful!


About Obras de Arte

A very interesting site that takes the art of contemporary artists to the general public admirer of arts.

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