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Tina, Beatriz Ferreira - Educandário, Denise, Itelvino and Marine. Photo: Aluísio Pinheiro.

Gallery Tina Zappoli discloses results of the 10th Christmas Action, with storage record

A Galeria de Arte Tina Zappoli, Porto Alegre / RS, discloses the result of their 10º Christmas Action, whose draw took place on the evening of Monday (2/12), date the space celebrated birthday 38 of action in the city. This tenth consecutive edition of the charity raffle had absolute record sales.

They were collected R $ 15.700,00 (fifteen thousand, seven hundred reais) that will be used to Educandário SAINT JOHN THE BAPTIST, the Capital-philanthropic institution created in 1939 serving free about 180 children and adolescents with multiple disabilities.

Were sold 314 numbers, to R $ 50,00 (fifty reais) each. Three works in its collection, signed by its represented artists - current exhibition attractions, “No way back"- they were donated by them to the draw.

The musician Claudio Levitan, from Porto Alegre, He won the digital work of Marino Neto. Regina Schuch, Also in Porto Alegre, It was awarded the wood carving of Itelvino Jahn.

Justina already Finger Venzon, Victory (ES), It was selected for Denise Iserhard Haesbaert screen and donated it back to Educandário. The organization said it put the piece - assessed by gallery owner Tina Zappoli R $ 7 thousand reais - earrings auction for more funds for their relief efforts.

  • Donors artists were painter Denise Iserhard Haesbaert, the sculptor Itelvino Jahn and photographer Marinho Neto, They are showing their work in Current site exposure, “No way back”. The following shows the visitation to 16 of december, from Monday to Friday, from 12:00 to 6:00 pm.

TINA ZAPPOLI GALLERY- Founded in 1981, Initially he devoted himself more to modernist artists established in the 20th century. Immediately, was acquired a more contemporary character. Throughout its history, had the privilege of circulating nationally with the work of Iberê Camargo, artist who represented until his death, in 1994. After that, the gallery was, slowly, introducing a collection of Brazilian Popular Art, one of the passions of their owners: the Marine photographer and gallerist Tina Zappoli, partner-founder of entity. Today, blend harmoniously with originality in the South of the country-folk art with modern and contemporary art.

NO WAY BACK - Exposure Denise Iserhard Haesbaert (paintings and objects), Itelvino Jahn (organic sculptures) and Marine Neto (digital photography)
Visitation: from 10 October to 16 th December 2019
Time: Monday to Friday, from 12:00 to 6:00 pm
Address: Pauline Coronel Teixeira, 35 – Bairro Rio Branco – Porto Alegre/RS
Phone: (51) 3332-3726
WebSite: brasilartegaleria.com.br | galeriatinazappoli.com.br
E-mail: galeriatinazappoli@gmail.com

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