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Exhibition: “Leiga convida”, invitation. Disclosure.

Zero Gallery celebrates its first year of art

lay invites"Begins a new proposal from the gallery that celebrates identity between creative

A Zero Gallery complete their first year of life and thanks all, artists, friends and partners, for the company, support and be together, at the beginning of this hike. Many new friendships, numerous exhibitions, artistic discoveries and positive energy that the art world has too much.

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Pedro Paulo Afonso, its founder and coordinator, create a new project: “Artist by Artist”, that is on the agenda for annual editions. "To celebrate the first year of life Zero Gallery this project is primarily to give wings to new dimensions for its residents ", says Pedro Paulo. In this new format, an artist from the list represented by the gallery, It is called to invite friends and partners for an exhibition. It is no longer an identity or similarity creation of works and styles. This show is of a personal nature. Identity is among people.

For this first edition, Lay person It is called to, with his life partners, mount a collective. With complete freedom to invite those wishing, selected several artists and works from different segments and techniques of contemporary art, without any filters or bonds.

To him join 25 artist friends and a visual trajectory of friendship will be counted. They invited those who have already made collabs with Lay person, others who held exhibitions together; many have made urban interventions in partnership and others, over it, Lay person feel some kind of identification both personal and professional.

The visual result of this celebration between friends stays true to the concept of the artist with the works that creates and art experiences.

"I develop abstract visual proposals in which the viewer creates its own illusions about art". I aim to make the viewer immerse yourself in your dreams and transport amid the colors and shapes to a new reality”.

Lay person, 2019

Exhibition: “lay invites
Artists: Alberto Prado, Alexandre Puga, Bia Ferrer, Carol Cherubini, Carol Murayama, Cauã Ribeiro, Cris Rodrigues, Erica Mizutani, Gabriel Ribeiro, Gen Duarte, GG, Outrigger, Gutavo Amaral, Iaco Viana, Jerry Batista, JP Possos, Lay person, Luna Bastos, Mari Mats, Michel Cena7, Mozart Fernandes, No, Ricardo AKN, Tito Ferrara, Vitor Zanini, Zé Palito. (25 artists + Lay person)
Direction: Pedro Paulo Afonso
Opening: 07 th November of 2019, Thursday, at 19h
Period: 08 th November of 2019 to 04 January 2020
Local: Zero Gallery
Address: street Sympathy, 23 - Vila Madalena – São Paulo/SP
Timetables: Tuesday to Saturday, from 11 at 8:0 pm

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