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Work ‘Among them (limestone)’, the Maria Laet, will be at the Marilia Razuk Gallery exhibition at Frieze Viewing Room.
Work ‘Among them (limestone)’, the Maria Laet, will be at the Marilia Razuk Gallery exhibition at Frieze Viewing Room.

Brazilian galleries participate in New York fairs with the support of the Latitude Project

With face-to-face and online format, Frieze New York and NADA House editions 2021 start in 05 and 08 de Mayo, respectively

Work ‘Among them (limestone)’, the Maria Laet, will be at the Marilia Razuk Gallery exhibition at Frieze Viewing Room

In May, New York City will host some contemporary art fairs, as Frieze New York and the NADA House. Five Brazilian galleries participate in these fairs with the support of the project Latitude – Platform for Brazilian Art Galleries Abroad, an ABACT partnership (Brazilian Association of Contemporary Art) and Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Agency for Export and Investment Promotion).


Four Brazilian galleries participate in the event, that holds its 10th edition, from 05 to 14 de Mayo, now in new location, o The Shed, in the Manhattan area. Frieze returns after his face-to-face editing canceled due to the pandemic in 2020, with face-to-face attractions in a smaller format 05 to 09 de Mayo, but it also has online exhibitions at the Frieze Viewing Room between the days 05 and 14 de Mayo.

Among the participating galleries are Fortes D ’Aloia & Gabriel, Gallery Marilia Razuk, Galeria Nara Roesler and Mendes Wood DM.

More information about the fair can be found at: www.frieze.com/fairs/frieze-new-york and frieze.com/viewingroom.

A Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel prepared a special project for Frieze, titled ‘Unnamable (Unnameable)’. They are photos, paintings, sculptures and audiovisual productions that portray the zeitgeist addressing issues of colonialism, violence, religion, censorship, and the portrait, through Art, of the ways of Brazilian society. The artists participating in this project are: Mauro Restiffe, Tiago Carneiro da Cunha, Yuli Yamagata, Ivens Machado, Ernesto Neto, Erika Verzutti, Adriana Varejao, Cristiano Lenhardt, Marcia Falcão, Tamar Guimarães, Kasper Akhoj, Bárbara Wagner and Benjamin de Burca.

A Gallery Marilia Razuk presents ‘Poetics to Postpone the End of the World’, which has productions by artists that were featured in the second half of the 20th century. The works are a reflection of each other's personal interactions with the world around them. Among the artists are José Leonilson, Eleanor cook, Johanna Calle, Maria Laet, Vanderlei Lopes and Mariana Serri.

A Galeria Nara Roesler presents in Frieze's face-to-face and online formats a dialogue of the different practices in the portrait of the “I” from the point of view of three Brazilian artists: Cristina Channel, Carlito Carvalhosa and Amelia Toledo. The selection of works brings the opportunity to understand how the various forms of the portrait of themselves end up coinciding. The exhibition features iconic works by Carlitos in the mirror, Cristina's engagement with abstract portraits, and Amelia's interactive works with sounds. The objective is to show the plurality and freedom that must exist when there is the narrative of construction of the image itself.

A Mendes Wood DM will also be at Frieze in a hybrid way (in-person and online) and features a special selection of works by some artists represented by the gallery: Solange Pessoa, Sonia Gomes, Rubem Valentim, Paulo Monteiro, Marina Perez Simão, Giangiacomo Rossetti, Maaike Schoorel, Wallace Pato, Paulo Nazareth, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Paloma Bosquê, Lynda Benglis, Sofia Borges and Neïl Beloufa.


Another fair that takes place in the month of May in New York is NADA House (do grupo The New Art Dealers Alliance), that promotes its 3rd edition this year. Will be about 66 galleries and more than 100 artists participating in the event to be held in person format, from 08 of May to 01 August. The exhibitions will be set up in about 50 rooms in buildings located in different neighborhoods of New York. The Brazilian gallery CASANOVA participates in this event.

More information about the fair can be found at: www.newartdealers.org/programs/nada-house/

At NADA House, to CASANOVA presents an installation that connects the works of Ignacio Gatica and Martin La Roche. Ignacio presents a selection of collection watches used in US presidential campaigns, scheduled to play at specific times, related to historical events in which the interventions of the American country in the rest of the world ended up shaping the present. Martin brings pieces of crossword puzzles in different languages ​​forming a great architecture that allows the viewer to reframe the crossword puzzles as a technology to measure the words and meanings that surround us. Both presentations make the audience think about what dictates the way we use our memory and, specifically, which of these memories and events shaped the scope of our gaze.

About Latitude – Platform for Brazilian Art Galleries Abroad

Latitude is a program developed through a partnership signed between the Brazilian Contemporary Art Association – ABACT and the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency – Apex-Brasil, to promote the internationalization of the Brazilian market for contemporary art. The museum was created in 2007, today has almost 60 primary market art galleries, located in seven Brazilian states and the Federal District, representing more than 1000 contemporary artists. Your goal is to create art business opportunities abroad, primarily through training activities, support for international integration and trade and cultural promotion.

The volume of definitive and temporary exports from the Latitude project galleries has been growing significantly. In 2007, US $ were exported 6 million and, according to the last Latitude Sector Survey published, in 2017 more than US $ 65 million. Latitude galleries were responsible for 42% of the total volume of exports in the sector in the year.

Since April 2011, when ABACT entered into an agreement with Apex-Brasil, were held 48 actions in more than 26 different international fairs, with approximately 300 supports granted to Latitude galleries. In this same period, were brought to Brazil approximately 250 international guests, between curators, collectors and market professionals, in 23 editions of Art Immersion Trips. In addition to these actions, Latitude held five editions of its Sectoral Survey, with annual data on the primary Brazilian contemporary art market.

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