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PRATODOS Exhibition. Photo: Disclosure.

Garage Workshop presents: PRATODOS Exhibition

The Dish, This is the media chosen for the exhibition PRATODOS, where 40 artists submit your poetry on this object so common, but full of meanings and suggestions. Each artist will receive a dish and it will have total freedom of expression. The proposal is to discuss the ethics in food these days.

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The pieces will be sold at a symbolic price ($ 60). Part of the value is intended for artists and the rest of the money reverts to an action who distribute vegan food to homeless. Those interested will have two options: buy at total value ($ 60) or pay half the value, and if you make as a volunteer on the day of action.

The project was conceived and will be carried out by the independent art space GARAGE WORKSHOP. The initiative is an old idea of a member and was inspired by several dialogues about what we eat (of animal origin or not), about the food as an object of social study and even art as something that feeds the spirit.

The opening party and sale will be held at Arts day 11 February 2017 in the Garage Workshop, Ermelino Matarazzo, São Paulo.


Discussion site, production and art exhibition on the outskirts of the East zone of São Paulo. The group that maintains the space (a real garage), performs activities in conjunction with other cultural artists and collectives of the city.


Date: 11 February 2017
Local: Garage Workshop – Ermelino Matarazzo – São Paulo

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/garagematelie/

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