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German Alejandro Aponte Hernandez

German Alejandro Aponte Hernandez é Artista Plástico Digital.

German Alexander Aponte Hernandez and artist Digital.

German Alejandro Aponte Hernandez

My name is German Point, I live in Bogota, Colombia and I am digital artist a few years, I'm not a professional in the field of art or graphic design, I like art, through this endless communication of thoughts where imagination is the big projector that values all over the world of existing images, When combined, create other images making unreal worlds, but the sight of you, I hope you find great meaning in each one of the exhibited works. Thank you very much.

The art of Itfrid AX are images represented in 3D the world of representations that currently exist, mix, a magic combination that leads us to travel in imaginary worlds having the prospect of being there in these works. The technique of collage has always fascinated me and I was always looking for a way to combine so many images that exist. Now through technology can achieve this and more.

Imagination covers endless ways to discover that there are no limits to the art, that art will never end and is a tool to transform the world. I just hope you like my works created for all the general public and that there is the desire to observe saturated worlds of different photographs and digital drawings that each part of the world created to display its details.

Entrada la noche.

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Bogota – Colombia
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