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Work of Gilberto Salvador made with coffee. Photo: Disclosure.

Gilberto Salvador inaugurates the solo exhibition “Breakfast” in São Paulo

Artist exhibits works made with coffee in Gallery Andrea Rehder,
from day 17 November, with free entry

In celebration of their 70 years of life, artist Gilberto Salvador, brings the São Paulo shows "breakfast", a unique material made with coffee decanted. The exhibition begins on 17 th November of 2016 and runs until 18 January 2017 Andrea Gallery Rehder, with free entry.

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In love with coffee, the artist took the opportunity to transform this passion in art. "My family worked with coffee, so I have contact from small, I believe that my relationship with him is so strong. What I love the most in this type of work is the final effect, that is never the same. Each work comes out with a unique expression ", declares.

According To Gilberto, in the 90, He was challenged by Aldemir Martins using coffee as ink on paper craft, the contrast of these two subjects, generated the exhibition "the guillotine in the water" in the Gallery Aloisio Harpsichord. "In this current series, materiality in the use of the coffee happens in spontaneous gesture about an extremely sophisticated paper is Fabriano 100% Cotton. The effect was of a relatively uncontrolled organic formalism, the results were expansive and almost animalistic elements that appeared to these I contrapus geometric structures or in some cases traces of texts to confront the organic with the mathematician, that is a constant as a result of my work ", Salvador account.

Gilberto Salvador. Foto: Divulgação.

Gilberto Salvador. Photo: Disclosure.

The artist says: "Materiality used to work in these latest works, was instrumental, because it valued the features, the adding in my language. There is a concept that is important in all my production, It is formalist commitment. I believe that my artistic interest is centered on a sentimental expression, sign love ".

The show "breakfast" is the second to be presented in the new space in the garden of Europe Andrea Rehder contemporary art Gallery.

Gilberto Salvador is a visual artist who has participated in important events such as biennials and international exhibitions in important museums, fairs and significant public and private collections, having works in private and public places.

In addition to this exhibition, currently Gilberto prepares to install two sculptures, The Foam piece II and Bilu Bilu, which will be respectively placed in a building on the corner, the Rua Bela Cintra and Alameda Itu, in the gardens, in São Paulo and the second on Marcos Amaro Foundation in Itu. These two works are following the series of the "Foam", who participated in the exhibition at the Pinacoteca in 2013 and that today is installed in Guaíra in the park designed by landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx.


Breakfast exhibition – Artist: Gilberto Salvador
Dates: 18/11/2016 to 18/01/2017
Time: 12h to 6:00 pm
Local: Andrea Rehder Contemporary Art Gallery
Address: Av. Brasil, 2079 (between the Av. Gabriel Monteiro da Silva and Av. Atlantic).
Free Entry

Information: 3081-0083


About Gilberto Salvador

Architect and University professor, Gilberto Salvador stood out for his restless spirit, the formal innovation and by a singular boldness to put the aesthetic issues based on a solid knowledge of the social and ecological issues. In this way, very young, held a series of jobs using icons of mass society, from the comic books and commercial communication, but critical character manifest, that caused commotion for his political and formal content.

The artist progressed in the areas of painting, sculpture, watercolor and printmaking, performing a deep reflection about environmental issues, being a Brazilian in pursuit of ecological awareness and the understanding of our world as a living being and interdependent inhabitants.

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