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Gilberto Soares Lyra Filho

Gilberto Soares Lyra Filho é Artista Plástico.

Gilberto Soares Lyra Filho is an artist.

Gilberto Soares Lyra Filho

I started in the arts, in October 1995. I've done a lot in arts, of all genres. Finally, stimulated by my aunt: Help Lyra, artist for more than 30 years, I started painting in 2010 and I stopped in 2013. Again in 2016, I resumed, and today I got the fist to start over, in a way I see in you, the plastic art is the greatest synthesis of all the arts.

My great-grandfather, on his mother's side, He was conductor and founder, in the year 1900, a musical group in Pernambuco. My grandfather, a talented guitarist, very skilled and creative, Inheritance of the father, had seven of his nine children playing guitar and singing. I am the result of this. Living and learning with my family, and with a strong genetic load, already at age three sang, the nine, recording music on a small portable recorder from my father, at eleven I won my first guitar for Christmas. From there I have guitar lessons with my grandfather until I got to my seventeen years, When I started thinking about music professionally.

In early 1996, formed a musical group and made my first compositions. Big fan of good music, follow my way listening to everything that had quality, highlighting national and international songs of the years 70, by which I have my biggest influence.

In June 1997, recorded at Studio: SOMAX, My first CD entitled: WHY I LOVE YOU, with 10 My compositions. This disc has expressed, Naturally, my early inspirations. Unheralded, earned me shows by Pernambuco interior and your music I gave up at the start with a CD statement recording a show on the day, 7 September 1996 and this, to start a professional musical career.

X.In 1999 prepared 25 songs, choosing 14, for the second disc, titled: IT'S TIME TO LIVE, recorded in January and February 2000, in the Studio D'angelis. The success was immediate. His music was working, For more than four months, first in the local media of agreste Pernambucano, and remained in the spotlight for a long time. The second disc on to 2007 my musical style changed, the romantic pop to the intellectual style of BRAZILIAN POPULAR MUSIC, in which I find myself until today, and I recorded more 2 CDs and concerts having one of them recorded on a DVD in 2009. Having recorded many songs in this period with a total of more than 100 songs composed between 1996 to 2012. In 2012 They recorded the CD inspirations. With a lot of experience with studios, 10 years of singing lessons and guitar courses. Played also: piano, Guitar, accordion, battery, flute harmonica, etc. I had a good instrumental vision. And by listening and intense musical research, I formed a whole knowledge. I'm also: Director and music producer, arranger.

In 2010, undertaken by way of the Visual Arts, influenced by my aunt, great artist called Help Lyra. Painted screens of 2010 to 2013. I spent some time painting and discredited stopped painting in 2013. Coming in October 2016.

The cinema, appeared in my life in 2013, where had already made a small script for experimentation, did the script: The story of desires and the script: John and Amanda, stories of romantic relationships, brought me a lot of experience. While always having a cinematic vision, in which, I realized more deeply, in recent times, because my pictures, in which, I'm also a photographer, always had an angle back to the movies, This Cadence; and I wrote this script: Maraktus, in which crave success, in 2014 wrote the script: Director Scott.

13 January 2013, I burned the DVD titled POKET SHOW, with 6 MPB bands.

Also in 2014, I came back the music on the CD entitled: MORE BOSSA, covers, Samba, jazz, slow jazz and bossa nova, at the age of 8 songs expressed well the purpose.

Already in 2015 in February, I burned the DVD titled cursi, a reference to brega widespread in capital Reef, the DVD Added 5 tracks, followed in June, a big job for world music of the years 70, a show complete with 16 travelling tracks big hits. Also in 2015 My first box titled: Classics of music, containing 3 CDs and 3 DVDs, met my big hits and documenting most of my musical work. In December 2015, They recorded the album titled: GILBERTO LYRA ANTHOLOGY, gathering 8 of my regional successes. Finally got my four scripts in the design of a feature-length format, uniting them with their similarities, titled this movie: Corners Of The Reef. To be shot in brief.

What is omitted are the stories that are difficult to detail, that's all that artists face in their day to day.


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