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Gisele Ottoboni

Gisele Ottoboni é Artista Plástica.

Gisele Ottoboni's Artist.

Gisele Ottoboni

Degree in fine arts in FASM 1996, Post graduate in art and education by ECA USP in 1998, Post graduate in History at FAAP in 2014.

Develops from 1990 works in Visual Arts, with emphasis in printmaking, drawing, painting and photography. Attended to 2002-2014 the SESC Pompéia engraving workshop under the guidance of professor Evandro Carlos Jardim.

Research on documentary photography aesthetic forms of expression. The main points of interest are the nature, landscapes and children.


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São Paulo – São Paulo
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E-mail: giseleottoboni75@gmail.com


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