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Glauco Artist Mathias. Photo: Mari Guimarães.

Glauco Mathew and Guinard: a later poetic

Just like the seasons, We live several cycles in our lives. There is time to start and finish to start over. And, It's no different with the artists, finalizing your cycles so poetic and beautiful. Terminating your step as curator, the artist Glauco Mathur presents to the public the miner exhibition "Guignard Always", who is performing at the Maison School and art gallery (Av. Benedict Simon, 255), from 22 from June to 9 July.

To end this cycle with a golden key, the artist decided to honor the Brazilian painter Alberto da Veiga Guignard, that would make this year 120 years of life and, on 25 of June, will 54 years of his death. For this, Glauco Mathew invited 23 for artists that represent by painting the way you see life and work of this art in the country legend.

That's exactly what the belo-horizontinos will see, the plurality of natural plastic about Guignard, According to Glauco had a simple personality, but had the humility of those who are really great.

"This is the real artist, one who is not satisfied with what it is and is awake to the real side of life. Before being an artist, art notes, before you create for others, create for yourself. Instead of judging the world, try to discover its beauty, see so, that art has a vital function, which is to educate the spirit for the truth and everything from her ", This is an artist and curator of the exhibition.

Glauco Mathur, at the end of this exhibition, who signs as curator, anger focuses on his career as a painter. Seeking, and, expand the scope of its work and explore lands not yet explored. "Since the beginning of this year signed partnership with an entrepreneur. With this, I intend to expand the scope of my work, allowing my art go to various places. Thus, also, allow me to experience only the artistic and creative side of my work, without thinking on the commercial and economic. With this, I'm living the most productive phase of my career, that is if the new screens that reflect I'm painting ", reveals.

In this step, are being prepared, for the next few months, exhibitions of the artist's works in major European centres and, yet, North America, they are markets in which several collectors have already demonstrated interest in acquiring screens. Later, the Asian market will be the next step in the internationalization of Glauco Mathur.

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