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Glauco Mathur. Photo: Mari Guimarães.

Glauco Mathur: one of the most portrayed the country

One of the ways in which the artists see and represent yourself, the self-portrait is a genre of painting that became widely used from the Italian Renaissance. Among the artists that stand out in this type of farming are Rembrandt, Frida Kahlo and Van Gogh. Many times, the self-portrait of these masters of art was a way of representing their anguish, fears and suffering.

In the current times, There are few artists that use of this genre to express themselves. Including, a practice widely used in the last century, the portrait painted of family Patriarchs in the decoration of the houses, no longer uses more. So that now, a contemporary artist follows against this movement.

Glauco Mathew is an artist and an enthusiast of culture in the State capital. With 18 year career, collect admirers in the art world. As a way to honor him by commitment to moving the segment in Brazil, many of those friends the present with pictures, in how they see.

In this way, Glauco Moraes currently has 42 portraits signed by renowned artists, such as: Turikumwe, Sandra Blanch, Etel Stinger, Louis Jannel, Fatima Mirandda, Luiz Caught, Rodrigo Samuel, Vera Sidney, Thelma Quevêdo, among others. One of these paintings represent of entire body, reaching almost the real size of the artist.

"For me it's an honor to have my representations by great artists of the country. Knowing my love for painting and my passion for pictures, They provide me with his works where express how I visualize. In my house, are all exposed as part of the decoration. I'm sure I'm one of the featured artists in the country ", complete Glauco Mathur.

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