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Bruno Portella paints one of the balls in honor of journalist Milton Neves. Photo: Disclosure.

Big names in Brazilian art participate in the Football Parade

Artists will be in five shopping centers in the greater São Paulo from the day 21 de Mayo,
the largest global artistic event football on street!

With the proximity of open studios in malls Group Gazit Brazil, from day 21 de Mayo, It has been announced the artists selected by the curators of the Football Wall. Among them, are important names of visual arts, charcoal (Street art), photo and even tattoo - which proves the plural and urban character of the show.

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Ademir Fogassa, Adriana Rocha, Albert Lazarin, Alexandre Orcete, Alexandre Trufi, Ana Guerra, André Crespo, Antonio Cabral, Antonio Petcov, Bia Doria, Binho Ribeiro, Bruno Portella, Caciporé, Carlos Araujo, Cassiano Araujo, Claudia Furlani, Claudio Takita, Cristina Campana, and Mabe, Danila Pinheiro, Danilo Garcia, Erica Morais, Ewerton Lopes – Toy, Fabiana Brito, Fe Receive, Fake, Fernanda Eva, phyllite Pedro, Gersony Silva, Guto Lacaz, Inos Corradini, Jack Neto, Lucas Ksenhuk, Luciana Severo, Heck, Marangoni, Marcos Ramos, Maria Izabel, Mel Cerri, Nah Pinheiro, Nanci Szaz, Neno Ramos, Osmar Beneson, Paulo Lopes, Paulo Cabral, Paulo Meira, Paulo Tatoo, Reynaldo Berto, Richardo Cheberluka, Rogerio Martins, Pedro Rogerio, Rosane Viegas, Rosangela Loschi, Sylvia Soares, Thais Rodrigues, Thiago Street, Titina Corso, Tuca Reines, Vanessa Alexander, Vanessa Pedote, Vidjai Rodrigues, Wagner Kuroiwa, W-Black Cerqueira and Zelia Mendonça.

The balls will be painted with audience interaction in workshops Monday to Saturday in the Shopping Light (Center), Morumbi Town, more Shopping (Santo Amaro), Internacional Shopping Guarulhos, from 12 hours at 22 hours, e no Top Center (Av. Paulista), from 12 hours until 21 hours.

On Sundays and holidays, the balls will be painted the 12 hours at 18 horas nos Shopping Light e Top Center, e the 12 hours at 20 More hours in Shopping, International Shopping and Morumbi Town.

Adopt a ball

business, physical institutions and individuals interested in embracing this project may Adopting a Ball. Part of revenue, through this program will be allocated to institutions and foundations with social inclusion projects through football.

Footballl Parade
When: from 21 of May to 14 of June: Interaction and paint balls in the malls.
from 15 from June to 15 July: display of street balls and painting workshop for children in the malls group Gazit Brazil.
Information: www.footballparade.com; #footballparadesaopaulo e @footballparadesaopaulo
Organization: GF-EX (Global Football Experience)
Sponsorship: Athletes' Union of São Paulo and Brazil Gazit Group
Support: Prefecture of São Paulo


About GF-EX – Global Football Experience:

Founded and directed by Flavio Sanna, who was chairman of the House Interior Color with various events in major cities of São Paulo and Campinas secretary of culture, curated by Antonio Gouveia, entrepreneur with over thirty years as publisher e Chairman of the group Decorbook Worldwide, which has more than three hundred books published. The company carries out experience and cultural and sporting events, editorial projects, forums, among other. This proposal was born in São Paulo, with the World Cup of Russia, but again be taken from 50 countries, with a schedule of events and experiences to 2022.

Information: www.gf-ex.com


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