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Gustavo Boggia

Work Gustavo Boggie

Gustavo Boggia is a Visual Artist.

Gustavo Boggia

Gustavo Boggia was born in La Plata, his relationship with art is born from the bosom of his family, his paternal grandfather was a painter Giuseppe and his maternal grandfather, Vicente, joiner.

His early pencil drawings and his artworks in charcoal, could predict a subsequent decision, to be a painter.

During his adolescence and for family reasons, he moved to Italy, in the city of Bologna, where he studied painting, among other things for several years.

While attending the Scuola San Doménico met the master Achille Facchinetti, who was a teacher at school. Was his relationship with him, what led him to go to his studio, where he began his studies and work in oil painting.

Currently, and for years and now back to Argentina, is dedicated exclusively to painting; He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions and has participated in a significant number of salons and competitions where he was selected and among whom he won several awards and mentions.


During the time that I attended at the atelier of Facchinetti, he transmitted me, directly and indirectly, in lectures, observations and work, the immense value of simple and static importance of things. Probably this thought, is the result of the admiration he felt and friendship I had with the painter of Bologna, Giorgio Morandi.

The simplicity and the static of things are the beginning of my painting. For simplicity and static quality of the masses, we add the dynamics of space, the presence of inert objects, detention time, the composite image from different points of view, creating analytically impossible landscapes, but recognizable as probable, by the mere existence of the human figure.

In my paintings, the lack of a center of composition, plus the lack of a geometric center, far from supposing a disorder, produces a double sensation: the apparent stability and a visual uncertainty, that fade at identifying the man with his shadow, being this, the responsible for unifying the work and produce a visual balance between it and the viewer. – Gustavo Boggia

Work Gustavo Boggie
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