Hans C. Frank

Hans C. Frank é Artista Plástico.

Hans C. Frank is Plastic Artist.

Hans C. Frank

I was born in Germany 1962. My life was not always pure joy, so maybe I am a very cheerful guy. Since 1997 live in Brazil.

I'm very sarcastic, like black humor and have the habit of seeing things that others do not see - and, see things in a different way than any other.

Seeing people on the street, at the mall or on the beach, I have just put them in other situations and imagine how it will be. A fun game and, occasionally tragic.

I am a civil engineer and I love the architecture and computing. I do not see that mathematics or elaborate algorithms are completely opposite things art. I believe that for all this you need a very evolved fantasy.

I do not care much about what others think or say about me or my work. I work for myself. each project, each algorithm and every picture I like myself. If I am satisfied with the work (and, only then) mostro for public or. I think I'm my biggest critic…

Cubism is the way that most suits my way of being and seeing things, eliminating the less necessary details, playing all in confusion, looking away, leaves appear important… appear in the way you decide.

I do not paint to please, I paint by passion and to expose what I'm thinking and feeling.


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Teófilo Otoni – Minas Gerais
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