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Hi Future launches international program announcement to promote innovation in museums and cultural centers

pioneering program in the museum district, created by the Living Museum and Inspirations Unlimited, correalização with the Hi Future, It will be released on 11 of June, trained professionals to the area, workshop and laboratory

What is the future of museums in the digital age? What is the role of a museum in century society 21? A museum can be self-sustaining? These questions led to the program's inception HiperMuseus, unprecedented in Brazil, promoting innovation and digital culture in the field of museums and cultural centers. The program will work in the training of professionals, network building and development of new strategies in the digital area, through seminar, trial and mentorias, to be held in Lab Hi Future and Casa FIRJAN.

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The project is sponsored by Hi, by State Law for Cultural Incentives, correalização the Hi Future and partnership with the Department of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the House FIRJAN. Are institutional supporters HiperMuseus the Superintendence of Museums of the State Department of Culture, the Brazilian Institute of Museums, and still receives international support of the Consulate of the Netherlands and the Brazilian International Council of Museums (ICOM-BR).

Conceived and coordinated by the Living Museum and the Inspirations Unlimited Cultural Projects, in correalização with Hi Future, the HiperMuseus is integrated into a global movement of museums, como o We are Museums, Creative Museums e o Museo Mix. "Active hyperconnection the role of museums as agents of change, connecting them to their public and to contemporary emergencies like never before ", explain the healing Lucimara Letelier and Mariana Várzea.

The idea pioneered the country meets strategies already applied in the world's museums, as the MoMA, in New York City, o Van Gogh Museum, in Amsterdam, and the Louvre, in Paris. "The need to integrate digital media to the work of museums increases the interaction with the local community, reinforces its social functions, how to access and preserve the collections digitally, increasingly transparent ", Mariana mentions Varzea, director Inspirations Unlimited. Therefore, beyond the international seminar, It is planned an interdisciplinary training program, whereby, 42 professionals from various fields will be selected to participate in the innovation process in digital culture in museums and cultural centers, "Innovating in museums nowadays is co-create collaborative solutions, multidisciplinary and integrated to the most urgent social causes. And also a new economic sustainability to museums, digital literacy ", explains Lucimara Letelier, founder and director of the Living Museum. mixed and different profiles will join forces to prototype joint solutions to common challenges in their organizations.

Partners HiperMuseus, Hi the Future and the House FIRJAN stand out also as memory centers and creative culture. With collaborative and innovative initiatives, the Hi Future trials fosters and encourages connections that enhance the personal and collective development, acting in the areas of education, Culture, social innovation and sport. The program is part of the Hi Future performance line in the production of reference content and stimulating innovation in the museums sector, in which the institute operates through the Museum of Telecommunications - pioneer in interactivity and gamification - and joint networks for formation of new government, promoting research, seminars and courses. The House FIRJAN functions as a center of entrepreneurship and innovation, developing courses aligned to the new requirements of the labor market and cultural activities, as well as debate environment and public policy development, We are facing a society in constant transformation.

Release Notice and Registration

Professionals working in museums, cultural centers, people active in culture maker communities, technology, experts in social media and digital culture, and other stakeholders in the cultural sector, social and creative economy are the profile for Laboratory HiperMuseus. On 11 of June, which marks the opening of registration, an event happens in LAB Hi Future, no Flamengo, at 19h. Entries can be made from the site www.hipermuseus.com. The dissemination of results will take place on 08 August and the first mentoring already the day 13. Until December, will be six meetings - including a public seminar at the House Firjan - to prototype projects and relevant online solutions, causing engagement in networks and have digital economic sustainability. The Van Gogh Museum is one of the confirmed attendance in seminars, and Argentine Marcelo Iniarra, Senior professional innovation, public mobilization and fundraising, will lead the innovation lab.


Day 20 August there will be an international seminar in the House FIRJAN, in order to inspire and create connections and joints networking. Experts from various fields such as Digital Technologies, Crowdfunding, Community Bases Museums, Online capture, Cultura Maker, new Economies, Digital Social Movements, They will discuss the spaces of museums and how to create new realities for its social activities and digital. Van Gogh Museum, Museum of tomorrow, Museum of Favela (MUF), Telecommunications Museum and Benfeitoria, Our movement are confirmed.

"For most visitors, the first contact with the museum's digital! And engage them in the networks requires techniques involving empathy, authenticity emotion and affection ", relata Martijn Pronk, Digital Communication director of the Van Gogh Museum, which is among the five art museums in the world that more digitally engaged, with 2 million followers on Facebook, and that will come to Brazil for the first time at the invitation of HiperMuseus.


From 21 to 23 August, Also in the House FIRJAN, there will be an immersion laboratory Argentine Marcelo Iniarra, Senior professional innovation, public mobilization and fundraising over 30 years of experience. Iniarra has worked with UNICEF, Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, WWF and Greenpeace International, and today is leading his own international consulting, presenting advice and inspiration for organizations around the world. His laboratory aims to create a network of experience and experimentation. Develop digital culture prototypes designed for museums in order to generate public engagement on causes (activism) or mechanisms for economic sustainability.


From September to November, Lab participants will receive professional market mentorias that can guide the applicability of prototypes that have created and provoke them into new solutions, and at the same time, relevant to the museum field. interactive designers, Experts on Universal Accessibility, Thinking Design consultants, facilitators culture maker, will bring recommendations, provocations and support 42 professionals who will work together on prototyping.

Collaboration E-book

At the end of the program the prototypes with innovative solutions, and also the main practices, proposals and trends generated in HiperMuseus will be included in an E-Book and distributed to a wide network of museum professionals via IBRAM, ICOM, State departments, independent networks of museums and museum experts, Channels Living Museum and Inspirations Unlimited Future and Hi / Telecommunications Museum. In addition to the prototypes, HiperMuseus the results in a community of professionals, institutions around digital culture in museums.

About Living Museum - Lucimara Letelier: Director of the Living Museum, innovation consulting and economic sustainability in museums and culture, founder and director of HiperMuseus, beside Inspirations Unlimited. It operates in network, with strategic planning, curatorial seminars and festivals, laboratories, online content and training. Projects over 30 organizations, as the Portuguese Language Museum, Immigration Museum, Museum Villa Lobos, Oi Futuro, Museum of tomorrow, MAR, BNDES. There are 20 years in cultural management, social and museums. Master in Cultural Management from Boston University, He was Director / Manager of the British Council, ActionAid and OSB Foundation. Curator of the Festival ColaborAmerica, Professor MBA Museums Management. Gaia Education/Unesco Change Maker: Design for Sustainability. Councilor ICOM, ActionAid e ABGC.

About Inspirations Unlimited – Mariana Várzea: Director Inspirations Unlimited Cultural Projects, company specializing in the planning, management and funding of cultural institutions, founder and director of HiperMuseus, next to the Living Museum. working for 25 years in the cultural sector, Mariana Lowland exerted distinct public office, private and third sector organizations, ever converging culture areas, museums, education, cultural economy, creative economy and sustainability. It is the coordinator of the Cultural Production of Candido Mendes MBA, membra of the Brazilian Committee of the International Institute of Museums. It museologist, Master in Social History and PhD in Museology by Universidade Lusófona-UHLT / Lisbon.

About Hi Future: The Hi Future, innovation and creativity Institute of Hi, It works as a laboratory for co-creation of transformative projects in the areas of Education, Culture, Social and Sports Innovation. Through initiatives and partnerships in Brazil, We encourage the potential of individuals and networks for the construction of a gift with more inclusion and diversity. in Culture, the institute acts as a creative catalyst, pushing people through the arts, stimulating co-creation and promoting access to culture in the digital age. The Hi Future believes in art as a starting point for the development of new processes and innovation. With positive spaces and a multipurpose theater, Hi Future Cultural Center offers a program that enhances the production of cutting edge and the convergence between contemporary art and technology and also houses the Museum of Telecommunications, pioneered the use of interactivity and gamification in Brazil and with a collection of more than 130 thousand items that tell the history of the industry in Brazil.

In may 2019, the Hi Future presented the research of novel trends "Museums: Narratives for the future ", making an x-ray of the public's perception of Brazilian museums and points out trends and challenges for rethinking the museum's role in the country and engage more visitors. The study is based on quantitative and qualitative data collected to design how museums can transform how influence contemporary life, promoting experiences that encourage the active participation of the public. Data is available for free download from the site Hi Future oifuturo.org.br/pesquisa-museus-2019/

About Telecommunications Museum: With 13 years of history, the Museum of Telecommunications was born innovative, pioneering the use of integrated interactivity and technology to museology in the country. The museum is located in the Hi Future in Flamengo, in the river, and receives about 19 thousand visitors a year. With free entry, space brings together the past, present and future boldly in the same environment and takes the visitor on a journey through the history of human communication in Brazil and in the world. They are 210m² which reflect the modern concept of museum: maximum information in minimum space.

About SECEC and the Superintendence of Museums: The Secretary of State for Culture and Creative Economy (SECEC-RJ) It aims to formulate, supervise and implement the state policy for the cultural and creative economy, in direct connection with the company and other public and private agencies involved. The Superintendence Museums, member of SECEC body, It is the body responsible for the preservation of heritage and memory. By State Law for Cultural Incentive, sponsoring undertakings ICMS State of Rio de Janeiro can sponsor cultural projects using the tax benefit granted by the State, inclusive no setor museal.

About Casa FIRJAN: The FIRJAN House is a place committed to reflection and the creating proposals and innovative solutions to the challenges of the new economy in a society in constant transformation. With a unique operating model, Firjan House works as both a core of entrepreneurship and innovation, with courses aligned to the new requirements of the labor market and cultural activities, and as a debate environment and public policy development.


  • 11 of June – launch event - Hi Future Lab
  • 11 from June to 12 July – Entries on Notice (www.hipermuseus.com)
  • 20 August - International Seminar - House FIRJAN
  • 20 to 23 August - Innovation Lab
  • August to December - Mentorias Lab Hi Future

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