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Woman photo created by freepik - br.freepik.com.
Woman photo created by freepik - br.freepik.com.

Home staging: how this decorative technique can help when renting your property

A home staging is one of the best practices in the real estate world, able to bring results at great scales for homeowners and brokers, being one of the ways in which more people buy and sell.

Throughout the following article, you will understand more about your practice and its high resolution in Brazil, helping markets and the interest of customers in places that are part of this sales strategy.

Home staging and its current relevance

Investing in real estate is one of the most traditional ways to make money in Brazil, then, year after year, even in the midst of countless changes and interferences related to the real estate market, it has still been a preference.

Selling or renting real estate is almost always a challenge in itself. That's because the sales market as a whole has changed a lot lately, giving greater space for the transparency of sensations and experiences, something that raised home staging.

Home Staging is a real estate practice created in the United States, in order to bring a greater experience for customers in the property they wish to buy, doing a kind of environmental staging and also for market purposes.

One of the main ways to put this device into practice is to invest not only in repairs and changes that will make the place newer., but also some modifications that will bring an aspect of experience, being able to ignite imaginations.

For example, one of the main investments to be made can be a high standard landscaping design, so that the external environments are seen in greater depth, and a good experience is seen by the future resident.

It is interesting that items with a lot of emotional and individual appeal are removed, as travel gifts, frames and other objects that are more private than general, in a bias of decoration and tidiness of the place.

This happens so that the person who is going to visit the place is open not only to view the spaces that are big interferences, but so that she also has an idea of ​​how her home might look, with your personal effects and your choices.

The staging, then, promises not only a neutral space, because in fact it puts in evidence proposals for storage and other decoration practices, but it leaves open for those who are visiting a personal and general form of organization and experience.

You can notice that, for example, inside a residential property valuation that is being sold. Usually in the apartment or model house, spaces and arrangements that can take the client into a property are highlighted.

This practice has been increasingly popular in Brazil, becoming one of the main facilitators within the processes of selling and buying property, which has become an essential issue for owners and companies in the industry.

The benefits of home staging

Because it is an effective way to bring reality to homes that are being sold to people or families from different ways of living, values ​​and tastes, home staging adds greater strength to the real estate world, highlighting some points:

Sales processes are faster

For showing a differentiated real estate experience, creating greater identification by future residents, who visualize their own interference in an environment that can be easily modified, the sales process is faster.

Within home staging it is possible for a property to be sold almost 50% faster than common practices, which opens up a big advantage. Within this practice, what becomes essential is the use of marketing, mainly of high quality photos.

For example, it is much easier for good images of an apartment to be found more on the internet, by branch sites, as from real estate, or even buying and selling apps, which has increasingly appeared as strong means.

Helps the work of those who sell

Images of a well-structured and prepared place to bring a new experience and experience to someone looking for a property, and often, worth more than words in a full explanation, which helps in selling.

In this way, for example, a broker can take the opportunity to highlight some complementary issues, that will be increasingly endorsed with the presentation of quality, as in the case of a recent investment in building electrical installations.

Competitive advantage

Through great publicity, which grants a sale and a contact with the customer with less and less time, competitive advantage is open, which can bring great benefits, mainly, for companies that are working in the market.

For example, a website that sells real estate can quickly put as a slogan for your business that your sales occur in the shortest possible time, which will favor other people who want a quick process to look for you.

This is something common and widely used by websites and applications for buying and selling online, that guarantee their sales or rents through increasingly accurate and short processes, in particular using high quality photographs, with staged venues and with a good facade cleaning.

Best possible investment

Through home staging, it will not always be necessary for an owner to reform that location, since the changes may be few and minimally apparent, needing only a greater focus on the part of photography and setting the scene.

Therefore, almost always the return is much higher for those who are selling, since the sale happens fast, preventing the property from standing still and ending up causing greater losses. But for that to happen, you need to focus on resolving errors.

Tips on how to do home staging

Some home staging practices are essential for a great buying process to become a short, focused job, avoiding big expenses and making investments serve for positive changes, such as burnt cement coating.

Below are some of the main tips that experts who put home staging into practice never leave out, and learn today how to change your property sales for the better!

Start cleaning and fixing faults

The main idea is to make a property impeccable, as if it had just been built. Therefore, make a general survey and see where it is possible to complement changes, checking the possibility of making a restoration of old tacos or paint the walls.

It is important to cover any type of error that the site presents, always keeping in mind that a minimum detail exposed can be definitive so that a person does not want to close a deal, which leads to a big problem in selling quickly.

Remember after the makeover, leave everything in great condition, taking paints off the floor, of baseboards and in potential places where they may have splashed, besides sweeping the place well and dusting the renovation, that often brings an air of dirt.

Organize spaces in a usable way

As said, home staging is a way to put the property up for sale or for rent as if it were a real scenario, that can be well interpreted by the person behind him. Therefore, it is important that everything inside the residences is well located.

For example, in a room that has just come out of a job done by a renovation and construction company, must be neat, enabling a methodical and efficient organization of furniture, showing that they were thought out intelligently.

Generally places that are not well organized and do not have good storage, end up translating a place that is not very favorable for people who are going to move, almost adding an image that they are not good at organizing.

Remove personal decorative items

Decorative items, although they are part of a property and show more about who lived there, it is important that the environment is neutral for those who intend to live in the place, since, is the time to show that that person can have new possibilities.

Therefore, in the photos that are for promotion, avoid:

  • Photographs;
  • Craft objects;
  • Personal Paintings;
  • Miscellaneous gifts.

These and other items are examples that are clearly not part of the overall decor, something that differs from a custom stainless steel countertop, that is essential in a home.

Final Considerations

Home staging is one of the most interesting ways to put into practice an idea in the environment that it can be a place for anyone who wants to live there., showing interesting spaces for a new story to start.

Therefore, it is important to follow the right strategies to make the place welcoming and interesting, awakening the sensations of the people who will be able to live there and giving a special use to the photos that will be taken, always remembering the staging.

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home staging é uma das melhores práticas no mundo imobiliário, able to bring results at great scales for homeowners and brokers, being one of the ways in which more people buy and sell. Throughout the following article, you will understand more about your practice and its high resolution in Brazil, helping markets and the interest of customers in places that are part of this sales strategy. Home staging e sua relevância atual O investimento em imóveis é uma das mais tradicionais formas de ganhar dinheiro no Brasil, then, year after year, mesmo que em meio a…

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