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Fernando Mattos, Cleonice Bourscheid and Deisi Coccaro. Photo: Aristóteles Bourscheid.

Tribute to composer Fernando Lewis Mattos

A year after his death (in 4 th November of 2018), a recital within the Porto Alegre Book Fair program pays tribute to composer Fernando Lewis de Mattos. Professor of Ufrgs, he was a notorious reference in string instruments and the composer who most created pieces for recorder in the country, as well as an old music enthusiast - he was one of the creators of the Música Mundana group. He was a professor of aesthetics and harmony in the Department of Music of the Instituto de Artes (UFRGS).

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Ave, Fernando It is an initiative of the poet and cultural producer Cleonice Bourscheid, with which the musician had a partnership for several years, writing and performing in the project recitals Trilogy Nature, performed within the Rio Grande do Sul, in Porto Alegre and Sao Paulo. She is the author of the trilogy of books AVE (Ave, Flower; Ave, Bird and Ave, Water) whose poems were played by Mattos for the recital "Hello flowers, birds of love ", that circulated in Brazil and in Italy.

The curator is the soprano Deisi Coccaro, friend and partner of the composer. Among the musicians who take part in the tribute, stand out Diego Grendene, Daniel Wolff, Fernanda Kruger and Catarina Domenici. The recital will take place during parallel programming of the 65th Porto Alegre Book Fair, on 17 November, às 17h, Multipalco in the Music Room – Theatro São Pedro.

A tribute to the composer Fernando Lewis Mattos
Coordination: Cleonice Bourscheid
Curated By: Deisi Coccaro
Date: 17 November (17/11), Sunday
Time: 17h
Local: Music Room of Multipalco Eva Sopher – Theatro São Pedro (Plaza Marechal Deodoro, s/nº)
Free entry



  1. Allahu akbar
  2. Saltarello
  3. At the entrance of clear weather

Worldly Music - Angelo Primon (Old), Deisi Coccaro (voice and percussion), Eliana Vaz Huber (sweet flutes and khrumhorn), Flavia Alves Domingues (lute), William Roman (voice and percussion), Laish Roman (fiddle)

  1. Prelude 3
  2. Prelude 5
  3. Wheel Game, 3First Movement - Welcome, Mikael
    Catarina Domenici, piano
  1. poem, 1987
    Daniel Wolff, violão
  1. Hexatônicas, 2007
    Claudia carpenter, transverse flute
    Daniel Wolff, violão
  1. Ivy Mara Ey, 2018– dedicated “when Flautarium, on its 20th anniversary”.
    Flautarium – Set of flutes candy UFRGS (Acácio Cardoso, Jose Rodriguez, Leonardo Perroni, Leonardo Vitorino, Lucia Carpena)
  1. variations on “Bright Fine Gold”, 2009
    Diego Grendene, Clarinet
  1. Who?, Interrogative songs, series I, 2005
    Deisi Coccaro, voice
    Fernanda Kruger, violão
  1. Milonga and Mina
    Claudia Schreiner (flute), Eliana Huber Vaz (flute), Fernanda Kruger (violão), Lucia Carpena (flute)
  1. small canoe, 2015*
    Clarice Bourscheid, voice
    Daniel Benitez, piano
  1. Ponytail cat-red (a cat-), 2015*
    Luciana Kiefer, voice
    Daniel Benitez, piano
  1. Tree-of-happiness, 2015*
  2. Great Kiskadee, 2007*
    Clarice Bourscheid, voice
    Luciana Kiefer, voice
    Daniel Benitez, piano
  1. Fleur-de-Saint-Jean, 2011*
    Clarice Bourscheid, voice
    Deisi Coccaro, voice
    Luciana Kiefer, voice
    Daniel Benitez, piano

* Poetry by Cleonice Bourscheid

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