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HQ "Spartan - Retaliation"

"Spartan – Retaliation” is the first edition of a miniseries in 3 parts.

Quarterly Release

Personagem e Arte de Adriano Sapão.

Roteiro de Rafael Tavares. (the unbeaten)

Now, to Editora Kalima tem a honra de apresentar essa excelente HQ para o mundo por meio deste projeto no Catharsis.

Esta é uma forma de pre sale da HQ. In other words, it will be produced anyway, regardless of the value goal we achieve with the platform. For this reason, escolhemos a modalidade FLEX.

Thus, supporting the project, you guarantee your copy and other rewards.

As for the delivery period, is scheduled for october/2021. We have already stipulated a longer term than necessary for production, in case unforeseen events occur during the printing step (see covid-19 pandemic).


Um ser de outro mundo chega à Terra com a intenção de capturar o campeão milenar Spartan, but the hero doesn't know why.

What would take an alien to cross half the galaxy to face one of the most powerful beings known? What possible connections would this have to the Spartan's past?

Criação de Adriano Sapão, responsible for the drawings and colors of this edition, com roteiros de Rafael Tavares e capa de May Santos.

Spartan – Retaliation inicia a saga desse Super-Herói Nacional que já vem conquistando seus fãs.

Genus: Adventure, Action, Super heroes.

Format: 17x26cm (American);

  • crumb: Colorful;
  • 44 pages;
  • Cover: Couché Gloss 250g;
  • crumb: Coated Fosco 115g.

The author

Born in 24 November 1973, in the city of Fortaleza, Ceará, Adriano Lima Castelo Branco herdou dotes artísticos de seu pai, Marionir Macedo Castelo Branco, the little castle, artist of great intellectual wealth, cartoonist and poet.

Very early Adriano Sapão (nickname gained due to his leaps in the early years of his long experience in Karate) now his best friends are pencil and paper.. He scribbled everything that came into his mind.

At eighteen, he was classified in the 1st Humor Salon of Fortaleza de 1991, and years later he was part of the UFC Comics Workshop in the year of 1997, graduate of the SENAC Plastic Arts Course, concluding the first Practical Course of Comics do Graph It Studio em 1998, and one of the founders of the Continuum Project started in 2004.

Creator and editor of the publication Daí-Kayrú, launched on 2003 and which currently has eight editions. Participated in the publications Os Invictos, young heroes, Lord Kramus, League of the Cerrado, Penitent OnLine, Campana, the eyebrow, Cryogenics!, Arena, Fercom, Penance, QI, Val, Proapa, Bejamim Pepé and Insistence.

In the commemorative album of 40 years of Captain Rapadura, character created by Mino, drew and colored one of the comics from the collection, story scripted by Rafael Tavares.

De sua mente brotaram criações incríveis e cativantes como The chosen ones, Espartano and C.T.E.P. – Special Tactical Police Command, among others constituting a rich and diverse Universe.

Sua facilidade para o estilo cartum o levou a criar o hilário Super-Pacificador, and in partnership with Rafael Tavares surgiu o impagável Justice grinds, a group that parody the greatest superheroes of foreign publishers. Tireless, Sapão keeps producing and creating, attracting admirers of his art and talent.

Editora Kalima

A Editora Kalima chegou para focar nos autores independentes do cenário Brasileiro. We have two seals:

Kalima Books: Focused on the production of physical and digital books in the Terror and Fantasy genres.

Kalima Comics: Focused on the production of physical and digital comics in the Super-Heroes and Horror genres.

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