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Conservatory of MUSIC. Photo: Doreen Marques.
Conservatory of MUSIC. Photo: Doreen Marques.

Open registration for courses at the Conservatory of MUSIC

Registrations are now open for the 2nd semester courses 2017 at the Conservatory of Brazilian Popular Music. Are 27 regular courses of half-yearly periodicity, divided between instruments, corner, theoretical and practical disciplines of set. Entries must be made until the day 30 June by site www.conservatoriodempb.com.br.

The Conservatory of MUSIC offers accordion courses, mandolin, battery, ukulele, clarinet, sweet and transverse flute, Guitar, percussion, piano, saxophone, trumpet, guitar and viola caipira. In addition to these, offers the course of popular song, theoretical disciplines (Lem-reading and musical structure, functional harmony and instrumental arrangement) and practices of set (cry, MPB, Samba, country music). For children, from 7 to 12 years, There are courses of drums, guitar and piano.

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In the first phase of registration, the applicant should read the general notice, Click on the course of your interest and then fill in the registration form available Online. Registration can be done on how many courses the applicant is interested. Only in respect of the same course (that is provided by two different teachers), the applicant should opt for one of the teachers.

After this procedure, the applicant should await the announcement of approval of the 1st phase. If approved, wrap to the 2nd phase of registration when you submit the test and/or interview of leveling, performed by paying the R$ rate 35, you will be charged only to those approved for the 2nd phase. The list with the names of the selected – in the 1st and 2nd stages – will be published on the site.

The courses of theoretical and practical disciplines may be set free for students enrolled as in paying instruments or sing. In this case, applicants must sign up normally as the standard procedure.

For more information and questions, the candidate can send an email to secretariacmpb@fcc.curitiba.pr.gov.br or call the phone (41) 3321-3315. Personal customer service is held at the registry of the Conservatory, from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 10:00 pm, Friday from 9:00 at 9:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 to 1:00 pm.


Registration for new students of the Conservatory of MUSIC of Curitiba:
16 to 30 June 2017 -Registration on the site www.conservatoriodempb.com.br
Values: instrument courses or canto- 5 x R$ 120, test (2phase) R$ 35 and registration R$ 120.
Values: clarinet course (in double) – 5 x R$ 160, test (2phase) R$ 35 and registration R$ 120.
Values: theoretical and practical courses of set- 5 x R$ 50, test (2phase) R$ 35 and registration R$ 50.
Address: Rua Mateus Leme, 66, San Francisco
Information: (41) 3321-3315, (41) 3321-3208

Pedagogical information: 3321-3318
E-mail: secretariacmpb@fcc.curitiba.pr.gov.br

Start of classes – 24 th July 2017



Courses for adults | from 13 full years

Canto popular, piano, accordion, mandolin, violão, ukulele, Guitar, electric bass, Viola caipira, battery, percussion, trumpet, recorder, transverse flute, trombone, clarinet and saxophone. Load time: 16 hours (1 hour/weekly class)

Courses for children | 7 to 12 years

Battery, guitar and piano. Load time: 16 hours (1 hour/weekly class)

Theoretical disciplines | from 13 full years

LEM (language and musical structure), harmony and instrumental arrangement. Load time: 32 hours (2 hours/weekly class)

Collection practices | from 13 full years

Set of cry, set of MPB, set of country music and samba set. Load time: 32 hours (2 hours/weekly class)

Values of the courses


Corner, adult/child instruments R$ 600,00 5x R$ 120,00
Clarinet (Double lessons) R$ 800,00 5x R$ 160,00
Theoretical disciplines R$ 250,00 5x R$ 50,00
Collection practices: cry, MPB, Samba and country music R$ 250,00 5x

R$ 50,00


1phase-registration questionnaire Online free
2phase of registration-placement test / interview (If approved at the 1st phase) R$ 35,00 single value
Registration (If approved in 2nd phase) -instruments and singing R$ 120,00 single value
Registration (If approved in 2nd phase) -Theoretical and practical Disciplines of set R$ 50,00

single value

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