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Sculpture by Paulo Correa. Photo: Paulo Correa.
Sculpture by Paulo Correa. Photo: Paulo Correa.

Registration open for the THREE-DIMENSIONAL VI Exhibition until the day 10.06


Registration open until the day 10 June for a virtual exhibition that arrives in the year of 2021 in its 6th edition

Registration for sculptors interested in participating in the virtual exhibition TRIDIMENSIONAL VI are open, for free, until day 10 of June.

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In 2020, the THREE-DIMENSIONAL exhibition had more than 60 Sculptors, from different regions of the Rio Grande do Sul.

In this perspective of not interrupting the continuity of the THREE-DIMENSIONAL, the exhibition aims to promote, disseminate and encourage dialogue among sculptors, showing the diversity of production, in the techniques, materials and concepts, also demonstrating how each artist understands and develops their three-dimensional art in space, using massive volumes or empty spaces, plans, textures, low and high reliefs, with freedom of expression and enjoyment in the contemporary setting. The Tridimensional exhibition arrives in the year of 2021 in its 6th edition, curated by Sabrina Stephanou.

To participate, the artist should send an email to escultoresrs@gmail.com with the following information:

1 – Artist's name and a short CV of up to 10 lines;

2 – Photos of 3 three-dimensional works in good resolution;

3 – Information of each work (title, technique, material, dimensions and year);

>> The artist is free to present works in any techniques that result in three-dimensional works;

>> The dissemination of the selected ones will be made via the internet (facebook and/or email);

>> The artist who participated in the Tridimensional V exhibition, in 2020, can participate again with the same job, or with new proposal;

>> The exhibition will be in video format, published on the AEERGS social networks, Gramado City Hall and Stephanou Cultural; and in the cultural space Centro Municipal de Cultura Arno Michaelsen in the city of Gramado/RS, from 09 from July to 08 August 2021;

>> It will be the responsibility of the organizers to disseminate it to the press.

The exhibition TRIDIMENSIONAL VI is a realization of the Association of Sculptors of Rio Grande do Sul - AEERGS, in partnership with the Arno Michaelsen Municipal Culture Center of the Gramado Department of Culture and executive production of Stephanou Cultural.

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