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Artistic installation combines graphics and digital sound effects

Phasing Loops – instalação do artista Rodrigo Guinski. Foto: Divulgação.

Phasing Loops-installation by artist Rodrigo Guinski. Photo: Disclosure.

The artist Rodrigo Guinski follows with his research on analog and digital technology systems and features, starting next Thursday (14), in the Municipal Museum of art – Cultural Gate, the exhibition "Phasing Loops". In this generative audiovisual art exhibition, the artist gives the series sequence "Interface", exploring human/machine interaction systems.

The installation explores overlapping loops (the immediate repetition of a sequence of images and sounds without variation), creating an effect by varying the phase difference. The interaction of loops with similar graphics and sound, but with different durations, generates complex combinations from basic elements, until the loops returning to the starting point, restarting the cycle. The duration of cycles of some works can be equivalent to the estimated age of the universe (14 billions of years). Thus, the experience of each spectator is different, starting with the first contact with the work, and can be complemented by multiple visits.

The result graph of works is based on the research of the structural elements and properties (color channels, pixels, scan lines, etc..) audiovisual playback media digital and analog. In this way, create images that expose, replicate and amplify the behavior of different display technologies, as the cathode ray tube, LCD monitors and film designed.


Phasing Loops-installation by artist Rodrigo Guinski

Local: Celia Snow room Lazzarotto – Municipal Museum of art – Cultural Gate (Av. Argentina Republic, 3430)
Date and time: From 14 April (Opening 19h) to 12 June 2016. From Tuesday to Sunday, from 10h to 19h
Free entry.

Information about the project: phasingloops.tumblr.com

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