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Inclusartiz and INC-Photography Institute promote residency in France

Ten Brazilian photographers will participate in the project
Sensitive territory in January 2018

With the support of Inclusartiz Institute in partnership with INC-Photography, ten Brazilian photographers – André Cunha, Bernardo Dorf, Leonardo Juca, Lucas Pacific, Marcelo Hein, Márcio Távora, Monica Paes and Paola Vianna, as well as Helena and Marcelo Rios Greco, – who are also coordinators of the project Sensitive territory in Brazil - will take part in January 2018 of residency "Change biotope and another perspective”, in the Provence region, France, directed by Pierre Devin and participation of Bernard Plossu.

Biotopes is a region having uniform environment and animal and plant populations, which is the habitat. In other words, It comprises a biotope and their habitat animal and plant populations. Society and culture are part, therefore, biotope. They are mutually transform and the transformed by him. The insertion of the authors in a new biotope, which initially are foreigners, It is the purpose of this residency. As a result of residence, It will be published a book with photographs taken during the residency, as well as an exhibition venue and date to be confirmed.

The Institute Inclusartiz, founded in 1998, in Rio de Janeiro, promotes education and culture, in order to spread the art and encourage social integration and cultural exchange. Its main focus is to develop exhibitions and educational projects that create and promote socio-cultural ties and exchange of knowledge.

The Territory Sensitive – It is a space of freedom and a tool for action and reflection. Directed by Pierre Devin, It is the result of the initiative of a collective of photographers, Brazilian and French principle. The project is focused on the questions brought by a rapidly changing world. Photography is the guiding line of the project, but do not exclude any opening to the visual arts, to literatura, sociology, the story, etc.

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