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Italian Cultural Institute promotes online workshop on Italian literature with actor Nicola Siri


The Classics of Italian Literature at the ‘Samba Rhythm’

Workshop com Nicola Siri

A Italian Institute of Culture performs from 25 of May to 27 July one Workshop online about italian literature, taught by the Italian actor and commentator Nicola Siri. Are 10 meetings, every Monday, to 19 hours, through the zoom platform, with the aim of presenting the sacred monsters of Italian literature to all peoples and / or Portuguese speakers. The first author chosen is the Nobel Prize for Literature (1934) Luigi Pirandello.

This our first experiment will be an accurate chat, punctual and relaxed about the Italian socio-cultural history of the period of the author I chose. I decided to start with a real giant of Italian literature: Pirandello, the first to write in an ironic and fun way about the ‘tragedy’ of modern man. The look of this author is extremely attentive to the human being, to the agony of loneliness, the humiliation inflicted by life and others. And this lucid and realistic perception feeds his paradoxical and hilarious stories”, says Nicola Siri. “In our classes I’ll read the ‘novels’ that Pirandello wrote all his life. Are tragedies that become comedies or are comedies that become tragedies? This is what we will hear, discover and savor on this journey of 2 months”, complements Nicola.

Five novels by the Sicilian author will be covered in these meetings: Ciaula discovers the moon, The Patent, the Wheelbarrow, Think about it, Giacomino! and The tragedy of a character. Each of the 10 classes lasts for 50 minutes. For registration and enrollment: centro.iicrio@esteri.it or WhatsApp: (21) 3534-4344

Even in the epidemiological emergency that Brazil and much of the planet are experiencing in these weeks, the Italian Institute of Culture in Rio de Janeiro is actively pursuing its mission of promoting and spreading the Italian language and culture. Thanks to the resources of the internet we are experiencing a new way of making culture, we are reinventing the way we relate to our audience through culture. Culture doesn't stop, neither does IIC Rio ”, says the director of the Livia Raponi Institute.

In this very difficult and obscure period of the pandemic, one thing proved to be evident and necessary. People can live without football, without bars, without shopping, without a lot of things, but it is absolutely impossible to live without art. A arte a, welcomes, does reflect, offers refuge and soothes the mind. In this perspective, the Italian Institute of Culture offers the public one more of its rich cultural achievements so that the public can participate inside their homes.

Nicola Siri

A actor and commentator Italian born in Genoa, in 1968, Italian father and Brazilian mother. Participated in productions for Italian TV and cinema, como “It is now done!” (1999), "A non-violent life" (1999) and "Emma is I"(2002). Landed in Brazil for a single job and never stopped. He participated in several soap operas such as “Mulheres Apaixonadas”, “The Rich Also Cry”(SBT),”Beautiful”(Globe), “Opposite Lives” and “Parallel Power”, from the TV Record. In Brazilian cinema, Nicola Siri was also present in several films such as “Truths & Lies About Sex”, by Euclydes Marinho, among others. He was also part of the cast of the short film “14 Bis”, on the history of Santos Dumont. Performed in the theater in several plays among them “One last scene for Llorca ”.

The Classics of Italian Literature at the ‘Samba Rhythm’
Italian literature envelope workshop – Workshop com Nicola Siri
Italian Cultural Institute of Rio de Janeiro #IICRioItaliaEmCasa
Facebook: iicriodejaneiro / Instagram: @iicrio / YouTube: iic rio
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10 meetings of 25 of May to 27 July, mondays, 19h, through the Zoom platform – duration: 50 minutes.
Investment: R$ 100,00
Registration and enrollment: centro.iicrio@esteri.it ou whatsapp: (21) 3534-4344

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