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Orbital - Intensive Dances. Photo: Disclosure.
Orbital - Intensive Dances. Photo: Disclosure.

Dance Intensive promotes immersion in different modalities

Independent initiative promotes immersion in different dance modalities in Brasilia, here comes the first edition of

Orbital – Dance Intensive

Formative show in the dance universe with classroom and online classes

Where before it was for the practice and learning of Pole Dance, only, now the Pole Voe Studio signs partnership with Saturn Art and Movement and reopens its doors with a more diverse footprint.

In your rooms and environments, from 22 February, amateurs and professionals can study, learn and practice what they love most, to dance. The regular classes offered by Pole Voe will be kept on the timetable.

To mark this partnership and present the emergence of this new Cultural Venue dedicated to dance, teachers came together to create the Orbital. An event dedicated exclusively to the world of dance and its urban modalities, African and academic.

Classes will be taught by big names in the Federal District as Erika Rézio, Rayane Psiu, Alexandre Riber, Hudson Olivier, Larissa hollywood, Bia Hamamoto, Gustavo Letter, Guilherme Victor, Kaled Andrade and Mel Slaves.

These experienced professionals will show you the ways and steps to master styles like Contemporary, Street Jazz, Sexy Dance, Stiletto, Performance, Dancehall, Dance Afro and Afrobeat.

Divided into two moments, Orbital – Dance Intensive debuts with an immersive and face-to-face week between days 22 and 28 February. Classes will have a reduced number of people and all protocols recommended by the World Health Organization will be adopted.

The second moment will be totally virtual with recorded lessons, in great image quality, editing and sound, which will be available from March 1st and accessible over three months.

For artistic director and organizer Gustavo Letruta, “Among the objectives of the event, the main thing is that people can get to know, experience or improve your techniques in classes that explore different methodologies ”, comments.

Another point that makes the event important is the reconnection between professionals, apprentices and their dances after a long period of isolation. So its hybrid and intensive format, thought by Gustavo Letruta.

The independent and democratic character of Orbital gives freedom so that “all, everyone and everyone participate, regardless of social class, age group, locality where you live or availability of time ”, points Letruta. “That is why the modalities [in-person and virtual] and with very affordable value packages ”, adds Marcela.

All proceeds from the box office will be used to compensate those responsible for production, recordings, classes and communication, besides serving to cover material costs, rental and maintenance of space during the event.

Intensive Orbital Dances
Face-to-face classrooms
14 classrooms, with duration of 80 min. each, from 22 to 28 February.
Online classes
9 classrooms, with duration of 30 min. each, access from March 1st and available for 3 months.
Inscriptions: www.saturnocultural.com
More info: @orbital.dance, no Instagram.
Direction and executive production:
Gustavo Letruta

Production assistant: Gabriel Paulin Amaral
Marketing and strategy team: Inspira effect
Teachers: Erika Rézio, Rayane Psiu, Alexandre Riber, Hudson Olivier, Larissa hollywood, Bia Hamamoto, Gustavo Letruta, Kaled Andrade, Mel Schiavi and Guilherme Victor.

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