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“Religious intolerance is the result of knowledge limitation”, the philosopher says Fabiano de Abreu

The philosopher and researcher Fabiano de Abreu said that religious intolerance is given by several factors, from parental creation, social, consequent intolerance of limited intellect, prejudice and lack of knowledge in general.

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“The major problem of a society with a low level of study is: You think you know everything without seeking to know anything. We all come from a common principle, like religion, that is, religion can have the same principle of religion who you do not accept. Who says that their religion is more important than the other? The science? Nor does this religion. What science knows it is that there is a part of the brain with distinct activity that has more faith. But if the science that often seek evidence can not prove, Which confirm that their religion is more important than the other? The time that their religion there? Neither Judaism, which is one of the oldest religions of the world, It is not the oldest. Belief and faith, It is from the beginning and thanks to her and other factors is that we evolve and we are where we are. Religious intolerance is a great ignorance and religion preaches doing good, be intolerant is not good, then, it goes over the basics of a religion”, he says.

Fabiano de Abreu. Foto: Marcus Ribeiro / MF Press Global.

Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: Marcus Ribeiro / MF Global Press.

The philosopher bill seeking to understand all religions and not have one: “My family is Catholic, from that I met the Bible, but I tried to learn the concept of books as the Torah of the Jews and the Koran of the Muslims, as well as following the Hindus and Buddhists”.

“As those seeking the right answers to common life issues, I had to have a very broad knowledge of religion and had me a basic perception that there are people who need religion, that you find peace, reason to live and why life. No matter what religion you follow, but if you have faith and believe in God, it is religion that has chosen, has the basics of religious principle that is: do good. This implies not having prejudices and religious intolerance is nothing more than prejudice”, Full researcher.

Abreu Fabiano points out that faith is not to cover the eyes and ears to the world and believe that only their religion is true: “To have faith is to have knowledge. written, They were written on the basis of knowledge and to teach. So we must continue, teaching, showing what is right, regardless of religion that follows, but religion makes you well, that does not put you into depression, it does make sense of life to have what all desire and seek in human history: happiness”.

he concludes: “Religious intolerance is the lack of knowledge, It is to say that Candomblé is the devil, when in fact it is not. It is widespread, It is to say that every Muslim is a terrorist, that every Catholic must pay for murdered during the Crusades or the pedophilia of some bad priests, It is to say that as Buddha can be venerated is committing the sin of gluttony, is find to be evangelical or Christian is the best is a religion that came from Catholicism, It is to say that every pastor benefits of tithing and makes fortunes and relates to married faithful and also pedophilia. It is said that every Jew has to pay for having condemned Jesus, who was also Jewish. In other words, we can not generalize and blame the religion because of some, therefore, all committed faults, errors, not commit the same mistakes, It is intolerant, because intolerance is lack of knowledge and lack of knowledge is stupid”.

The written and philosopher is on the cover of the current edition of Jornalzen, known for interviewing great intellectual personalities from Brazil.

Fabiano de Abreu. (captura de tela – instagram).

Fabiano de Abreu. (screenshot - instagram).

“I was honored to be interviewed by a newspaper that always admired: the Jornalzen. The covers were great intellectual personalities and, in the latest issue (August / 2018), I was invited to be on the cover and be part of this story with names that I admire for making their lives, something extremely relevant.

Mario Sergio Cortella – Isabel Vasconcellos – Eduardo Suplicy – Dulce Magalhães – Marcelo Tas – Among others.” Fabiano de Abreu


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