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Winter 16 - Gustavo Carvalho

The Inspiration

A trip to Santiago, no Chile. It was the first time the designer Gustavo Carvalho traveled out of Brazil and it has expanded its look, because if you come across an urban behavior full of attitude and influenced by sportswear, a more individualistic fashion expression. This deep dive reemphasized the brand DNA that pointed out the need for dedication to an axis of creation free with no time limit for their new creations.

Returning to São Paulo, this carioca, resident in Sao Paulo, began a search about its role in society as a creator and as a person. The year of 2015 It is a great starting point for a story that begins there 2013 with the June events, that led millions of young people to the streets. She utopia, lacking for policy to the ideals of a minority quite expressive, led him to experience trials until last new. Gustavo had a one-year hiatus that allowed him to experience a reality quite different from that which was inserted in São Paulo, the last three years…

He traded his home for the street, spending most of the time dedicated to the observation of the new construction of urban culture – entered occupations, resided in one of them for about three months dealing with so many contrasts, prospects and scenarios totally analogous to their.

In artistic occupation Yellow House awakened a desire to start painting, build and questioning from formats and concepts of its methodology of work, awakening a hand artista, but not only art production, but also as a question, in look and inquire…

When diving in the writings of the singer Cazuza, one of the great poet of the century, understand what it means to be an artist; and after this artistic experience - occupation policy, It was time to skip to the next step, then, his next experiences was the theater workshop, the Director José Celso Martinez.

In the theater the designer found the missing pieces to assemble your puzzle of wishes and wills – the Lina Bo Bardi architecture; in parangolés of Hélio Oiticica; the manifests of Oswald de Andrade, the Pau Brazil – to question the relationship of art and clothing which served to free your body, their intimate ideas, so began inventing as a platform of creation – Made theatrical performances, Drag Queen, happenings to understand that there is no limit to art, and that we ourselves are the greatest expression of our ideas and concepts.

The collection

The winter collection 2016 is constructed from all these experiments when the designer jumped to head in order to find a language that didn't allow only build clothes, but to bring the question of art for the production and thinking fashion.

O álbum Dark side of the moon, Pink Floyd with his surrealism is sound basis of collection that brings inspiration to idea of artistic occupation, since, the clothes this season of Gustavo Carvalho is an experience guided by the way, the freedom of bodies, so the genres (Masculine and feminine) They leave the scene and enter just the clothes. Drags, perfomers and dialogue models among themselves in this collection that seeks to portray the year 2015, addressing a variety of colors, punctuated by black – yellow, grey, red, golden, green, rosa.

The knitting very present makes a reference to the North and northeast of the country and the pau brasil. The questioning side of the collection also appears in the tissues of reuse of materials – the plastic carpet stylist's House, unused parts reuse, as, or gabardine, jeans, suplex, moletinho, Sweatshirt, brocade, leather, synthetic skin, neoprene and a patchwork made from fragments of paintings.

The collection also has a process of improvement and nine exclusive prints made with graphite, embroidery, painting on fabrics in order to change the materiality of each raw material that formed the basis for open shapes, straight and longilíneos influenced by the large number of African immigrants in São Paulo.

The presentation

In winter edition 2016, the House of the designer Gustavo Carvalho presented the collection "Artistic Occupations", off calendar. After closure of the event presentation, as portas do hangar, in the field of Mars opened and surprising the audience was welcomed by some perfomers painted that started this happening dancing; then the models come, parading in public that occupied the space part of this occupation.

After all looks crossed the catwalk, entra a fila final com designer (Gustavo Carvalho) giving the start a masked dance taken by an electronic trail paving the way for a drag queen dressed as a bride with a big tail that was trodden by the audience who seemed to instigate your presentation. At the end of the trail this occupation falls apart as a flashmob that intends to take life the idle spaces.


Photo:Marcellus kimontait
Beauty: Rafael Guapiano
Production: Follow (Lena) Cerda
Accessories: Triton Eyewear Glasses , Stoning Azteca
Trail: Felipe Rosa
Video: Henrique Smith
Lookbook: Kaique Talles Camargo
Print: Studio Gold
Text: Rafael Moura
Performative intervention: Study group / body in the arts
Assistant parade: Andre Bergamaschi
Creative Direction: Gustavo Carvalho

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  1. A trip to Santiago, no Chile. It was the first time the designer Gustavo Carvalho traveled out of the… https://t.co/KCghnijEVT

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