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Considered the largest Latin American festival of lights, RIO MAPPING FESTIVAL begins on 13 June with artistic interventions in various public spaces in the city as the Church of Penha that have transformed its facade color in Santo Antônio day during Mass Victory.

One of the international highlights of this edition is the VJ and light French designer Jeremy Oury.

A Rio de Janeiro receives from 13 to 24 of June, the fourth edition of the River Mapping Festival, considered today the largest festival of lights in Latin America, It is offering the public the opportunity to know the latest art technology and more used in the big cities around the world. All programming is free. Among the novelties of this year, the festival will hold activities for almost the entire month of June and break River city boundaries, coming to the Big Island and Quissamã.

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In addition to the artistic interventions, workshops will be held, which are structural basis of the festival since its inception in 2014. The workshops take place before the projections, from 04 to 8 of June, exclusively for students State School Professor Clovis Monteiro, and between Manguinhos 11 and 23 June in Darcy Ribeiro Film School – Brazilian Institute of Audiovisual, at the Center. The workshops are free and places are limited. To participate, applicants must send their application for registration to the e-mail: oficinasriomappingfestival@gmail.com. On 23 of June, the outcome of the workshop will be projected on the facade of Darcy Ribeiro School which is on First Avenue March - Center, RJ.

One of the highlights of this fourth edition is the projection of the Church Penha, Ancient festival founder dream, digital artist Paulinho Sacramento. The work of Rio artists BPM Mapping e Jodele Larcher They will be shown in this sanctuary with more than 380 years, on 13 of June, St. Anthony's day. "I am born in Bonsucesso, at the foot of the Hill Goodbye, I was raised in Higienópolis in the northern zone of Rio de Janeiro, and I remember as a teenager and attended the celebrations of the Penha Church. Whenever possible I climbed up high in the evening stone to enjoy the view of the North Zone lit. During 8 years I have been working on the possibility of an unprecedented mapping video in that facade, which can be seen by much of the city. This year celebrate another dream come true ", says Paulinho thrilled Sacramento.

On Saturday, 16 of June, the Festival will be on the Big Island, the green coast of Rio de Janeiro with artists, which will call for "Open Call", where they were invited to create a video content with up to a minute, specifically upon the blueprints available to be designed in two fronts: St. Benedict Chapel in, on the Big Island and City Council, Cinelândia. To participate in the "open call"Interested parties should register via the link (https://goo.gl/rKboKd) Mapping pages of Rio festival, on facebook and instagram. The selected works will be projected on 16, on the Big Island and 22 of June, in the House of Councilors and the number of selected depend on the quality of the work submitted.

On 22, Friday, the City Council, Cinelândia, constant political intervention scenario will become mapped through the lights of various artists: Marcus Vinicius, Petropolis, the French Jeremy Oury, Spanish collective "Telenoika"Presented last year, the BPM Mapping of Rio de Janeiro, and the collective Curitiba "Visual Sockets”, with the “iluminous” Manolo Fraga signing the direction. The facade of the City Council also will change under the mapped interventions of artists who come to the Festival through open call.

The parties have known the Mapping Festival Rio, They will also be present at this fourth edition. On this same day 22, the Prom Shackal will make the animation of the public with the idea of ​​fusion between the old and the new generation, a meeting where the celebration of hip hop culture is the main point. During the presentation, Host Shackal, one of the greatest rap scene names underground carioca, active since 1990 and in other editions of his Ball received many guests as B Negão, 3 Black, Real battle, Afrofunk Rio, Favela Pace (Claps), DjFú Hose (I Love Baile Funk), Pig shovel (Damien Seth) e Mohamed Malok (Brazilian Groove), promises to make this night a unique experience within the movement of urban culture, combining art and technology. The dance takes place on Friday, 22 June from 18h until 23h, in the City Hall of Rio, located at Praça Floriano s / nº.

On day 23, Saturday, is the day when the public can meet the collective work result of the workshop Darcy Ribeiro Film School, receiving the artistic lighting on its facade.

On Sunday, 24, Paulinho Sacramento, Malaquias VJ and VJ Mouse close the Festival at the Cultural Complex Farm Hatchet, quilombo community Quissamã the Norte Fluminense, the sound of Jongo Hatchet Drums and DJ Sapucaia.

The video mapping- or simply mapped projection is one of the most innovative visual techniques of today and still little used in Brazil. It is using a video projection as if they were paintings on unconventional surfaces, as streets, monuments and buildings, lush creating optical illusions that turns momentarily architecture. With appropriate software, an image of the surface that will receive the film is captured and the work area is drawn. Everything else is eliminated, in a process similar to layers in Photoshop. Thus, the artist add layers of video the way you want.

According Paulinho Sacramento, Mapping the Rio Festival was born from the need to bring expanded perspectives on one of the most innovative techniques of today, teasing in public awareness of a new form of use of public spaces. "The purpose of the festival is to value this playing field, legitimizing and promoting the reconfiguration of views on the city's architecture, leading visual art to unusual spaces. And also promote an experimental meeting space for the creation and artistic exchange. In addition, We want to attract and expand the public consumer of culture of free and interactive, integrating digital, music and architecture in the public space through creativity, experimentation and technology,"Says Paulinho Sacramento, who signed the direction of mapping video interventions on Olympic Boulevard during the Olympics in 2016, and has been fighting for the digital and integrated arts are recognized as a proper cultural segment.

The HI sponsors the fourth edition of the Mapping Festival Rio 2018 with the support of cultural HI Future.

As offices

One of the strengths of the festival, the free workshops, They will also be maintained in this fourth edition. The digital and integrated arts workshops are designed to work the wake of the participants, multiplying the knowledge of mapping video technique and digital aspects, the network of public schools of Rio de Janeiro. The idea of ​​the agenda, therefore, has focused on the formation of these new professionals.

Paulinho Sacramento - Filmmaker, digital artist, Public Manager of Culture and director of the S23 Cultural Management, Art and Technology, company dedicated to digital and integrated arts, advancing hand in hand with the Ogun movies, producer of independent film. Already as a filmmaker, He directed the documentaries "Reggae on the road", presented by singer Helio Bentes, lead singer Breakeven, “Calls Imperiana "Arlindo Cruz, Old Guard of the Empire Serrano and Teresa Cristina and “The machine gun Selarón ", that account in a brief chat a bit Jorge Selarón's life, Chilean and plastic artist responsible for having installed the mosaic of colors that transformed the Lapa staircase steps into a tourist spot. Set up and edited the documentary “The poison is on the table”, directed by filmmaker Silvio Tendler, winner of the award for best film documentary Romania Festival. He also writes and directs, and is in series and documentaries for Internet productions also in partnership with CULTNE, largest digital collection of black culture in Latin America.


From 04 to 24 JUNE 2018



Between 11 to 23/6 – FILM SCHOOL DARCY RIBEIRO















ARTISTS: collective work


COMPLEX CULTURAL FARM hatchet - Quissamã




About the participating artists of the IV edition of the Mapping Festival Rio:

Jodele Larcher(RJ) – collective VJ'sAzOiaLab creator and director of VideoAtaq, International Festival of Visual Arts in Rio de Janeiro who has had 8 editions.

Since the Red Bull Live Images in 2002, He has played in several festivals and parties as Skol Beats, Sonarsound, Nokia Trends, Guerrilla video, VJ Torna, FADBH, Instant, Rio Music Conference, FrenchTouch, Hi sounds and live Arte.mov, next to DJs and VJs of the world. Ministrou courses VJ na International School of Film and TV em Cuba, in Iron Lady, no Rio Music Conference, no POP – Polo Contemporary Thought and telezoom Space. Signed video scenarios for artists and bands like Lulu Santos, Roberto Carlos, Jota Quest, Initial Capital, Kid Bee and Gilberto Gil. Mapping created video presentations Christmas at Teatro Amazonas, In Manaus; Teatro Carlos Gomes in Vitória-ES and 7 churches of Florianópolis-SC including the cathedral. As Director and Editor, brings together several programs to TV.

collective BPM (RJ) – formed by the trio Ricardo Brízio, Paulinho Leandro Sacramento and Malachi who have been working together on various projects since 2015 the second edition of the Mapping Festival Rio, as the mapping video Christmas Shopping Nova América, mapping and video to building Night in Olympic Boulevard during the Rio Olympics 2016, and other large projects.

Ricardo Brizio: Graphic Designer and Motion Designer, formed in industrial design in Unicarioca, currently works in Cinerama Brasilis. The Collective BPM takes care mainly of part of creating 3D content and visual effects. It is also responsible for the visual identity and flyers Illustration Collective CIC. He has performed several works for The Day, inquest, factor, Central Bank and others.

Leandro Malaquias: always had a great interest with audio visual and began his career as a VJ in 2010, working as a resident VJ of Hard Rock Café Rio de Janeiro. Since then he has become a well-known artist in the Carioca night, presenting the best party and houses of Rio de Janeiro, such as: Nuth, This boate, People, Melt, padded (where he served as resident VJ for the period from 2011 to 2013), Vips, Zax, 021, Marina da Gloria, Leopoldina station among others, FV is the Tornado 2000. It is currently a member of the Mapping Festival Rio creative team working on the content creation and projection. With a set that abstract shapes mixture.

Marcus Vinicius – A graduate in Industrial Design from the University Estacio de Sa, also attended the School of Design and arts Aix in Provence (France). Operating in the digital imaging market since 1990, came from the beginning computer graphics. Produced content for various vídeosmappings, also acting as a VJ. In the field of video mapping produced the New Year's Eve event Castle Itaipava, 6 projection minutes leading up to the New Year countdown. Collective works with Tangible who works with several works.

Jeremy Oury- French artist is VJ, e light designer. Graduated from the National Superior School of Arts and Techniques Theater (ENSATT). Since 2014, has participated in video festivals mappingem several countries like France, Japan, Belgica, Chili. Already won awards in Spain, Mexico and Hungary.

collective "Visual Sockets, which is the collective creation of audiovisual nourished by VJS Pickles, VJ Iluminous and Geraldo Gonçalves, united for the sake of diversification of visual content, aimed at videotecagem and video mapping. A synergy between motion, design and music outlines one of the main goals of the group, pushing the limits of projects designed to create experiences increasingly innovative and immersive. www.urutauvisual.com

Collection window: It will display the work of the collective Telenoika Spain presented last year.

Prom Shackal- We all know the rap strength in the Brazilian music scene, names like Mano Brown, Thaíde Marshal and remain active until the present day, just as there are new names as the scenario will professionalizing. To that end, Prom Shackal the idea arises from fusion between the old and new generation, a meeting where the celebration of hip hop culture is the main point.

One of the biggest rap scene names underground carioca, active since 1990, Shackalé founding member of the legendary rap group 3Preto, where along with: Aori (Real battle), Mystery (SoulPixta), Damien Seth (Pig shovel) e Mohamed (Farofa Carioca), marked name in the history of the national rap. He participated in singing the historical compilation "Hip Hop Rio" produced by the musician Marcelo D2. In partnership with the Flying Circus, He presented the project "I Love Baile Funk". It has also appeared with the bands and artists big name on the national scene and also international, such as: Zombie nation, rational, MvBill, Gabriel the thinker, Planet Hemp, B. black man, Black Alien, Seu Jorge and HypnoticBrassEssemble.

The Shackal Prom in Rio Mapping Festival with all connections made by that icon also known as Relic of Rap, will have a unique experience night within the urban cultural movement. The dance takes place on Friday, 22 June from 18h until 23h, Rio at City Hall and the host will invite various artists.

DJ Sapucaia: Carioca da Lapa, He began his career as a producer, however curious and music lover, always researched various musical styles. It is known for its versatility and eclecticism, navigating between various musical styles of Brazil and the world.

His last works were featured: Release Party Guide Eating and Drinking in Veja Magazine, Movie Release Luneta of Alceu Valenca Time, Launch of Novel Boogie Oogie Globo, Party Time Olympic Nissan, Celebration of the NGO Viva Rio with Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil.

He has shared the stage with Moraes Moreira, Geraldo Azevedo, Otto, Martinho da Vila, Monoblock, Maria Rita, Bangalafumenga, Quizomba, among others. In corporate events played for companies: Editora Abril, InPress, Rede Globo, Nissan, Vinci Partners, Radio Globo, OiFM, Viva Rio, Olympic Committee 2016, BNDES, Brazil Brokers, BrasilCap, OscarSkin, Volkswagen, Rede Record, among others.

He played at birthdays and weddings in various places like: Hotel Copacabana Palace, Turtle Inn (Buzios), Piraquê club, Club Marimbás, among others.

Outside played in Berlin, Prague, Sarajevo and Slovenia.

Next to the DJ's Magoo and Doni form the Collective Triad, performing Baylon Castle, high-profile event that packs the city center streets of Rio de Janeiro.

A few years ago it has partnered with VJ Raton, riding events that combine sound, light and images, creating a very exciting and surroundings.

River Mapping Festival
IV Rio Mapping Festival Festival
International projection mapping and integrated arts
Date: Between 04 and 24 of June
Sponsorship: Hi
Cultural support: Oi Futuro
Realization: S23 Cultural Management, Art and Technology / Ogun Movies

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