Izilda Silva

Izilda Silva é Artista Plástica.

Izilda Silva is a Plastic Artist.

Izilda Silva

I am a Plastic Artist, Painter and Abstractionist. In fact I'm a traveler in the effort to transcend matter and snatch of soul its true speaks. While not incorporate what that really means I do what my heart tells…

A mini biography. Quick. Concise. Did primary school, half a century ago. I did high school. Did collegiate. Did preparatory course, but guess, did not do college. Liked Human and had to go through the torture of studying exact also. I did Panamericana School of Arts until the second year, and left, unexpectedly, to study painting with other artists. I graduated self-taught. Exposed for some time, with a group of artist, at Espaço Cultural Caminho. One day everything changed in my life and started studying everything I could about P.E.S., Esotericism, Occultism and so on. Actually I've always been an indomitable spirit. Impulsive, kept no much to think of the consequences when wanted something. I take, and did. Many times these things were right, but in essence, were always by half, as I was. Today with 61 years, an ariana still, I am more observant, more focused on what I want, but keep dreaming, optimistic and less illusionist as to what actually can I be or do.Now I know I can be and do what I want, I can have without much physical effort, because I've learned that love for myself brought me peace, acceptance of who I really am and not what else to expect me to be.

Toda Diferença Temporal I.Anyway I am a Plastic Artist and Artisan, I'm Tarot Reader and Alternative Therapist and now my intention is to put in lines written everything I learned from living with myself and with everything that surrounds me, considering me so, one free thinker, with a new way of expression… The books! Books that I read my whole life, things I wrote throughout my life, thoughts and actions, but mostly my feelings towards life.

I believe in God above anything and decided to live so believing full well that changes occur, like it or not, they exist for our best power spring, because the seed is already there, and only got lost at some point. Time to sprout, time to rise and blossom.

What I wish for myself is what I wish for those who understand , or not, the proposal. Long live for the crazy life! Live the Love by Yourself as Love of Your Nearby!!!

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Izilda SILVA
Sorocaba – São Paulo
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