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Jacques Ardies date 2021 with its already traditional collective

“13 artists portray, in works of art, everyday life, your personal experiences, Parties, countryside and urban landscapes, beyond the beauty of nature

A Galeria Jacques Ardies ends the season of 2021 with Large Collective of Naïve Art which presents works of 13 Brazilian artists, and proposes a recovery of recent production in the field of national popular art, highlighting themes of everyday life, personal experiences, Parties, countryside and urban landscapes, beyond the beauty of nature.

The gallery's mission is to encourage Brazilian Naïve Art; artists who resisted discouragement and continued to paint despite the ills and discomfort caused by the pandemic were invited. “These artists share the subtlety with which they portray themes related to nature and everyday life.. using colors skillfully, they transmit joy in each of their paintings., the lyricism and optimism characteristic of the Brazilian people”, explains Jacques Ardies, Curator of the exhibition.

The so-called Naïf Art is an artistic expression that emerged along with the emergence of modern art. Naive artists, mostly, do not insist on following the rules of the academy and, by their own means, create a personal language, transmitting your life experiences. seek, with determination, overcome any technical challenges, proposing an original style, no commitment to perspective, and executed with complete freedom.

Exhibition: “Large Collective of Naïve Art”
Artists: Ana Denise, Ana Maria Dias, Cristiano Sidoti, Edivaldo, Enzo Ferrara, Helena Rabbit, Elizabeth of Jesus, Lucia Buccini, Mara D. Toledo, Rodolpho Tamanini Netto, Sonia Furtado and Vanice Ayres Leite.
Opening: 30 th December 2021, tuesday of 10 at 5:30 pm
Period: 30 November to 22 th December 2021
Local: Galeria Jacques Ardies - www.ardies.com
Rua Morgado de Mateus, 579 - Vila Mariana – São Paulo, SP || Tel.: 11 5539-7500
Time: tuesday to thursday, from 10 at 5:30 pm / Saturday, from 10 at 4:00 pm
Number of works: 30
Technique: Painting
Prices: Upon request



A Galeria Jacques Ardies, in Vila Mariana, is housed in a fully restored old building.. Since its opening in August of 1979, acts in the dissemination and promotion of art naive Brasileira. Over the past 42 years, held numerous exhibitions both in its space and in national and foreign institutions, where we can highlight MAC/ Campinas, MAM/ Goiania, Art Space 4 – Paris, IMF Cultural Space in Washington DC, USA, Galeria Jacqueline Bricard, France, at Galeria Pro Arte Kasper, Switzerland and Gina Gallery, Tel-Aviv, ,Israel. In 1998, Jacques Ardies launched the book Arte Naif no Brasil with the collaboration of the critic Geraldo Edson de Andrade and in 2003, published the book about the life and work of Pernambuco artist Ivonaldo, with text by professor and art critic Jorge Anthonio e Silva. In 2014, published Arte Naïf in Brazil II, which has just been printed in French language, with texts by Daniel Achedjian, Peter Rosenwald, Marcos Rodrigues e Jean-Charles Niel. The gallery has in its collection works, between paintings and sculptures, from 80 artists representing the Native Art movement br.

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  1. Hello My name is Matias, I’m an Argentinian artist and very much interest in your place! I will really appreciate if you can contact me by WhatsApp to talk more about myself and the kind of painting I do, if you want I can send you a few pictures of my work! Have a love day!
    +54 9 221 670-4711

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