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Joao Pedro Marques

Joao Pedro Marques é Artista Plástico.

Joao Pedro Marques is a Visual Artist.

Joao Pedro Marques

Joao Pedro Marques was born in 9 on April 1988 in Portugal in the city of Lisbon and resident of Setúbal district.

When Charlemagne was crowned by the Pope Leo III 2009 aroused the interest for painting as a hobby, no ambitions to pursue a career as a visual artist. No academic education within the art world and a spirit of self-discovery self-taught, began to explore and experiment with different styles of abstract painting and informal, both American and European influences.

At the moment inserts himself in this artistic genre despite adding more materials thereby creating different textures and exploring their own concepts and ideas, influenced by the philosophy, psychology, society, literature/poetry as music. His own existence and life experience.

“It would be unfair to my creations are uniquely labeled with a label or style… Because I feel that what I create is much more than that label. If I were asked to analyze what I create, I'd say I'm abstractionto the base / technical and surreal as neo-expressionist in thought and concept. Often create a gestural automatism or the term “Action Painting” but after that I start thinking in more aspects and factors that I can incorporate into my work and then conclude the work. An Expressionism Abstract Surrealist and Neo-Expressionist so to speak, without want to set limits…” – Joao Pedro Marques.

Artistic Curriculum:

Dates of year 2012

  • From 05/10/2012 to 07/11/2012 Competition/Exhibition GaetArt “Arte in Libertá” Award by critics in the paint and drawing´s section of Gaeta- Italy
  • From 17/11/2012 to 25/11/2012 Exhibition “imPerfecto” Accademia Partenopei Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Periclitanti- Nápoles- Italy
  • From 09/12/2012 to 15/12/2012 Awarded in Competition "Premio Gabriel D. Annunzio "Francavilla Al Mare, Pescara- Italy

Dates of year 2013

  • From 16 February to 16 of March Exhibition “DINAMICAmente “ Accademia Partenopei Chies adi Santa Maria delle Periclanti- Nápoles-Italy
  • From 02 March to 29 of March 2º International Exhibition of Estoril Galeria Aberta.
  • From 22 of March to present Solo Exhibition “Devaneios” in La Bohéme Bar in Setúbal.

Obra Brilhante Dualidade.

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Lisbon - Portugal
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