Jorge Peres

Jorge Peres é Artista Plástico.

Jorge Peres is an artist.

Jorge Peres

Visual Artist, Carioca, autodidact, produces his works more than 4 decades in Rio de Janeiro. Currently works and manages the Seven Bridges in São Gonçalo-RJ where he keeps his private collection.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, in the year 1953, in the neighborhood of Penha, currently residing in São Gonçalo-RJ, had its first contacts with the art of painting to 12 years old. First under the influence of a friend of his father, Geraldo Garcia, a great master in the classic painting, who taught the first drawings and sketches with live models, in pencil and charcoal, passing then to the first oil strokes, on a variety of surfaces, awakening in the author, from a very young age, a true passion for the art of painting.

After this phase, at 14 years old, attended as a pupil during 8 years the school of painting Beehive of painters of Brazil, founded by a renowned Brazilian painter, the late Prof.. Laevinus Fânzeres. This school operated in a basement of an old building, in the Zoo, in the Quinta da Boa Vista, in the neighborhood of São Cristóvão-RJ. This school, the author had contact and was greatly influenced by great masters and learned in addition to the classic, Impressionist techniques, cubists, surrealists and abstract.

His profession is business administrator, having worked in bureaucratic service for more than 40 years in various companies, occupying positions in financial areas, accounting, Informatics and controlling.

During these years of work, the author never abandoned his passion for painting. On weekends, on vacation, or when the time allowed, performed his works, as a hobby, for pure pleasure, for yourself or for gift giving friends or relatives. Never exhibited publicly his works.

Today, retired, at the insistence of friends who encourage and also by having more spare time to devote to this old flame, solve your virtual Gallery jobs exposed on internet, to share with other people, also art lovers, This pleasure of portraying the beautiful, the nature, the plasticity of forms and colors.

Sua Majestade.

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