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Igor Lopes. Photo: Disclosure / MF Global Press.
Igor Lopes. Photo: Disclosure / MF Global Press.

Portuguese-Brazilian journalist and writer, Ígor Lopes will present the book “Azores in Colors” in Rio, in São Paulo and Belo Horizonte in the month of October

The Portuguese-Brazilian journalist and writer Ígor Lopes will launch his fourth book-report in Brazil.

“Açores em Cores – Belezas, Contours and Potentials” bears the seal of the publisher “Present Celebration” and had the support of the Azorean Government, through the Regional Directorate for Communities. The main objective of this initiative, according to the author, is “revealing details that Brazilians, Portuguese descendants and Azorean descendants should know about the archipelago".

Os eventos de lançamento contarão com lotação reduzida e serão apenas para convidados, em virtude das orientações das autoridades brasileiras em virtude da pandemia de Covid-19.

In Brazil, o livro será apresentado nas cidades do Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte.

👉Dia 13/10, 20h – Casa dos Açores do Rio de Janeiro – book presented by the author and the fado singer Maria Alcina;
👉Dia 14/10, 18h – Casa dos Açores do Rio de Janeiro (with the presence of Portuguese diplomacy authorities) – book presented by the author and the Deputy Consul of Portugal in Rio de Janeiro, John of God;
👉Dia 15/10, 20h – House of the Azores of São Paulo – book presented by the author and the Portuguese-Brazilian deputy Paulo Porto;
👉Dia 16/10, 13h – Portugal Casa de São Paulo – book presented by the author and the Portuguese-Brazilian deputy Paulo Porto;
👉Dia 21/10, 18h – Labbing Saint Lucia Cowork – Belo Horizonte (with the support of the Portuguese Chamber of Minas Gerais) – book presented by the author and the director-president of the Portuguese Chamber of Minas Gerais, Carlos Alberto Lopes.

Other events in the country are still being evaluated. Still 2021, the book “Açores em Cores” será apresentado no arquipélago açoriano e, in 2022, in mainland Portugal.

A journey through images and information

Along 226 pages, filled with interviews and photographs, Ígor Lopes takes the reader to know specific points about the nine Azorean islands, making it clear that the Azores are a good place to live, work, study or, simply, enjoy breathtaking locations.

The content is centered on the question-answer format., where specialists in various segments in the Azores, in the public and private spheres, talk about investment opportunities, the heavenly places, the majesty of nature, the importance of ecology and environmental protection, since the Azores are a sustainable tourism destination, the relevance of culture, history, tradition and religiosity, records of local architecture and heritage, the role of tourism and the promotion of the islands' image, the possible experiences and activities, the infinite blue of the rich sea that bathes the Azorean coasts, the immense Azorean community, the power of local wines and cuisine, the look of those who arrive at the islands through the air, the so-studied volcanoes and seismology, university life, the strength and need to invest in technological and innovation aspects., public safety, the health, the Azorean political organization and the synergies between local inhabitants and the community of resident foreign citizens, including Brazilians.

It is noteworthy that the book "Azores em Colors" was printed in 2020, in Portugal, and, as a result of the global pandemic situation, only now the author has the opportunity to take the work to the public, with the appropriate restrictions imposed by the authorities..

distinguished participations

The preface of the book is by Adélio Amaro, writer and specialist in the Azores theme, the afterword is signed by Beatriz H. Amaral branches, writer and master in Literature and Literary Criticism. Ricardo Alexandre, deputy director of TSF Rádio Notícias, Portugal, wrote about Ígor Lopes.

They also have testimonies in the work Vasco Alves Cordeiro, former president of the Azores Regional Government, Bernardo Barreiros Cardoso, Director of Tourism from Portugal to Brazil, , who contributes dozens of photographs, João Morgado, writer and researcher on Portuguese maritime expansion, the tourist entity of the Azores, Rui Faria, president of the Azorean Emigrants Association (AEA), Delfina Porto, President of the Board of Directors of the Casa dos Açores de Lisboa, Ponciano Manuel Castanheira de Oliveira, President of the Casa dos Açores do Norte – Porto, Sergio Luiz Ferreira, professor at the Federal University of Santa Catarina and president of the Casa dos Açores de Santa Catarina, Luiz Nilton Correa, anthropologist and historian, João Leonardo Soares, president of the Casa dos Açores in Rio de Janeiro, Daniel And. Gonçalves, professor and cultural director of the Casa dos Açores in Rio de Janeiro, Marcelo Stori Guerra, executive president of the Casa dos Açores in São Paulo and member of the Council of the Luso-Brazilian Community of the State of São Paulo, Paulo Matos, president of the Casa dos Açores do Maranhão, Orlando de Sousa da Silva, president of the Casa dos Açores da Bahia, Leoter Viegas, Vice-president of the Board and one of the founders of the Association of Immigrants in the Azores (MENTION), Jairo Jose Silva, President of the Association of Brazilian Immigrants of the Azores (ASIBA), Basque Paulos, President of the Azores Regional Wine Commission (CVRAcores), Jose Pacheco, Director of the Institute for Research in Volcanology and Risk Assessment (IVAR) of the Azores, Rui Tiago Fernandes Marques, Chairman of the Board of the Azores Seismovolcanic Information and Surveillance Center (CIVISA), Susana Mira Leal, Vice Dean for Communication, External Relations and Internationalization of the University of the Azores, Portuguese Space Agency (Portugal Space), Arnaldo Lima Ourique, Researcher in the field of Autonomous Constitutional Law and author of works about the Portuguese autonomous regions, among many others.

Where to buy?

For now, the work is for sale through the author's social networks or by direct order via email: igorpereiralopes@gmail.com with worldwide delivery.

About the Azores

Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Autonomous Region of the Azores is made up of nine islands, divided into: Eastern Group – São Miguel Island and Santa Maria Island; Central Group – Terceira Island, Faial Island, Pico Island, São Jorge Island and Graciosa Island; and Western Group – Flores Island and Corvo Island.

Despite the insular context, the Azores are not isolated. Technological innovations and the Internet helped the archipelago to develop, being, today, sought by thousands of people for leisure and, yet, being overlooked for business opportunities. One of the greatest local prides is the University of the Azores, which receives students of different nationalities.

The structure of the islands draws the attention of many investors, entities and services. The Azores count, for example, with the headquarters of the Portuguese Space Agency and with a base of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, due to its geostrategic importance.

Who is Ígor Lopes?

Ígor Lopes is a journalist, writer and social media between Brazil and Portugal. He is CEO of Incomparables Agency, that "defends the Luso-Brazilian community". He is a doctoral candidate in Communication Sciences at the University of Beira Interior, Master in Communication and Journalism from the University of Coimbra; Degree in Social Communication, in the Journalism aspect, in Rio de Janeiro, by the FACHA; Specialized in Social Media and Community Management for Journalists from the University of Guadalajara, Mexico. Its higher courses are recognized and validated by the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

It works for news agencies and media where there is a Portuguese Diaspora and a Luso-Brazilian community. He is responsible for the content of Gazeta Lusófona, from switzerland, and by the e-Global agency, of Lisbon. He works to bring Brazil and Portugal closer together at various levels and is responsible for the Communication and Marketing department at Mutualista Covilhanense, in Portugal, where he also performs functions at "Casa Moura", humanitarian aid project that welcomes unaccompanied minors, the result of a commitment made by the Portuguese State to the European Union.

He is the author of the books “Maria Alcina, the infinite strength of Fado" (2016), “House of the District of Viseu: 50 years of dedication to Portuguese culture in Rio de Janeiro” (2016) and “Maria da Fonte Folklore Ranch at Casa do Minho in Rio de Janeiro – The journey of the Portuguese group that has valued Minho culture in Brazil since 1954” (2019). More recently, wrote a fifth book, still no release date: "Parties of Agony – Viana do Castelo – For Brazilians and Lusodescendants" (2021).

He is a member of the Academy of Letters of Teófilo Otoni (ALTO), of the Eco Academy of Letters, Sciences and Arts of Terezópolis de Goiás (E-ALCAT), of the Academy of Arts and Arts of Paranapuã (BASIS) and the Luso-Brazilian Academy of Letters (ALBL). He was decorated in Brazil and Portugal with medals, diplomas and commendations by various institutions.

It is important to emphasize that in the events already confirmed, all procedures related to the care of the Covid-19 pandemic will be exhaustively taken into account by the promoting entities. Everyone's safety is a priority.!

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Technical Data:
Title: “Azores in Colors – beauties, Contours and Potentials"
ISBN: 978-65-00-06792-7 – Brasil
Legal deposit: 4728 85/20 – Portugal
Year: 2020
Publisher: Present Celebration
Cover: Igor Lopes
Graphic Design: Marcoense Typography
Azores – Brazil – Mainland Portugal

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