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Julia Sanz Oil Painting

Julia Sanz is a Visual Artist.

Julia Sanz is a Visual Artist.

JULIA SANZ Oil Painting

Hello Friends!, How are?

My name is Julia Sanz, I´m from a wonderful city, simple and catchy, called Guadalajara.

Better known as: “The Alcarria, Land of Honey”.

My beloved city alcarrenha, is located in the heart of Spain and its province is surrounded by the most beautiful and idyllic landscapes, which you have never been able to imagine”.

If any of you came into my Facebook page: “Juliasanfer óleos”, will be able to check through my paintings, the veracity of what they say:

— “Guadalajara is the land of contrasts”, and I have the opportunity to show it through my paintings.


Guadalajara has a great diversity of landscapes, some of the major features of Alcarria, its fields of olive trees are perfectly aligned.

Let me tell you very briefly some of my artistic career, to feel a little closer to me and above all, “of my paintings”.

Since i was a child, I always felt a great inclination to three major vocations:

- First, my immense love for animals.

I always thought that animals are not here to serve us, or to be abused, “but to accompany us in our life and make it more enjoyable”.



No animal deserves to be needlessly tortured to death and still much less, her suffering to be done to: “NATIONAL HOLIDAY”

Another of my great vocations is literature.

— “Since very young, I got lost in the pages of my notebooks, writing sketches and intertwining lines and paragraphs”. While was doing, I imagined between dreams, one day write a book.

- This book already exists!, and is dedicated to Rocky “, this wonderful dog that appears in my paintings, and accompanied me for more than 13 years”.


It's been many years since I painted this oil portrait of my dog, then I could never have imagined that someday would write: “A BOOK FOR ROCKY”.

But my main vocation, without which my life would be meaningless, “Is painting”.

I feel this calling to the fine arts since my early childhood, and although it seems a topic often repeated to us that we are dedicated to this difficult art, say something:

- I never liked dolls!, — “My favorite toys were a pen and a rubber, crayons and paper”.

“By the time I realized eight individual and seven collective “, plus numerous contests and paint events in which I participated, supporting my great vocation, to the point that sometimes I think: - The oil runs through my veins!


This emblematic building of the nineteenth century Alcarria, is sitting on a Greek cross plan and exterior decoration of the dome, tiles was performed with metallic reflections in the form of flakes, being the work of ceramist Daniel Zuloaga.

When the sun rests on its dome, produces such reflexes, it is almost impossible to look at it.

The oil is for me the king of painting techniques, but also the vehicle transmitter that best reflects my feelings, “is simply made for me, and if he did not exist, would have to invent”.


Sometimes, the waters of the River Henares seem to get angry, intense burning and form swirls of colored lights that seem to want to hold and engage through their hectic foam.

When Charlemagne was crowned by the Pope Leo III 2012, I discovered that my paintings could be known through the Internet, thanks to “Gallery All Pictures”, then began my recovery virtual!, which later led me to discover other sites.

Soon after, I met a new gallery called OpenArt, and through this virtual gallery, I added a new group exhibition to my resume.


These giant flowers, every day succumb to the magic of Astro King, unable to take his eyes off her blinding light.

As if their lives depended on it! Facebook arrived a little later and became something out of range for me, the number of facets that made me discover social network, as well as new friends.

Garraf nature Morten IS A BLUE

A luz, color and contrast, can fill life with the still life.

So, why this name?

I do not feel proud to say that I am a self-taught painter, and I had to learn on my own all I know, but I can tell you that I learned something very important:

- When you really want something, “almost always can be reached to achieve, with effort, enthusiasm and hard work”.

I never put myself at a top desired, nor any target!, Because my intention is to keep learning a little more each day, it is the area which gives simplicity and humility. Only then I will enjoy every stroke on the screen and take note of my mistakes, to always give the best of me”.

My oil paintings are full of sincerity, romance and mystery, part of myself and become more palpable and my way of being, they are the ones who know me best, and speak for good or for evil “Juliasanfer óleos”.

— “My paintings are my soul”.

As a good Sagittarian, my color is blue: — “I like to get carried away by their powerful influence and strong.” Also allow me to take the strong contrasts, impregnated with small dabs, that fuse on canvas.

At the end of my artwork, I see on it a certain impressionist air. After this brief exposition of my oil paintings, when I showed them my land landscapes, Animals and something else, I can only offer one last detail:

If you want to ask me something, or simply meet some more pictures my, you can visit my page paint: Facebook: “Juliasanfer óleos”.

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E-mail: julia.sanz.75@facebook.com


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  2. Gostei muitíssimo dos seus quadros e de sua simpática apresentação, gosto muito da Espanha e fiquei curioso de conhecer sua cidade.
    Grande Abraço!

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