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Julia Sanz is a Visual Artist.

Julia Sanz – Juliasanz óleos

Since very young, I always felt a great artistic vocation. This great love for painting and drawing, I also owe to the influence of my father, who loved the arts, much or more than me.

– “He helped me trace my career.”

I'm self taught by nature, “I never get tired of me learn more and more.”

The little I learned by myself was through hard work and personal effort.

My goal has always been to beat me everyday, “never settle for the achievements and aspire to more.”

I love my paintings, “resemble children”, they are part of me, “part of my soul and my life, because they came from my heart and my feelings”.

– “Therefore, they have life, and radiate the light and the force with which I designed”.

Curriculum Vitae

My awards are each and every one of the exhibits, I realized throughout my life:

Solo Exhibitions

  • 1983: Living Art of Caja de Ahorro Provincial de Guadalajara en Molina de Aragón.
  • Exhibition Hall of the Caja de Ahorros de Zaragoza, Aragon and Rioja in Guadalajara.
  • 1984: Exhitibion Hall of the Casa de Guadalajara en Madrid.
  • Exhitibion Hall of Centro Recreativo Cultural of Azuqueca of Henares, (Guadalajara).
  • Exhitibion in the Salón de Actos del Ayuntamiento of Almoguera, (Guadalajara).
  • 1985: Exhibition in the Casa de la Cultura de Marchamalo, (Guadalajara).
  • 1993: Exhibition at Sala de Arte de Ahorro Provincial de Guadalajara.

Colective Exhibitions

  • 1983: II Exhibition of Painters and Artisans of Horche en el Ayuntamiento de Tendilla, (Guadalajara).
  • 1984: Exhibition on the occasion of inauguration of the Centro Recreativo Cultural de Azuqueca of Henares, (Guadalajara).
  • 1985: Exhibition at Capilla de Luis de Lucena, (Guadalajara), on the occasion of “International Women's Day”.
  • 1987: Exhibition at Aula de Cultura de la Caja de Madrid, at Alcalá de Henares.
  • 1993: Exhibition with the Painters of Horche, (Guadalajara), in Restaurant “La Fuensanta”.
  • Participant in numerous national competitions.
  • 2012: Collective exhibition in the Galería Eiffel, (Tarancón).

My Works of Art

Guadalajara was the city where I was born and I feel very alcarreña, but “very Spanish”, so maybe, My landscapes are dedicated almost exclusively to my Spanish land.

Participated in many painting competitions and my theme is varied:

– I'm fascinated by landscapes alcarreñas, the flowers, the still-lifes, portraits, rivers, animals, porcelain dolls and a wide range of topics.

– “Anything that can come to life through the brushes”.

The color that moves my life and my works, “is blue”, the tools that best shape with my way of being, “are the brushes” and my favorite vehicle, “it is Oil”.

My paintings are thorough and meticulous:

– “I like to develop between the strong contrasts and short brushstrokes”.

Deeply love animals and nature, – “painting approaches these feelings to those who observe my oil paintings”.


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