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Book Release Book Maspe - 40 years. Disclosure.

Book release: Catalog Maspe – 40 years


“MASPE – 40 Years” brings together more than 200 museum collection pieces, highlighting its role as a monument to faith, culture and history of Pernambuco people

A Museu de Arte Sacra de São PauloMAS-SP promotes the release of the publication "MASPE – 40 Years”, designed by On. Rinaldo Pereira, in partnership with historians Iron Mendes Araujo Jr.. and Anazuleide Ferreira. Composed of 229 pages, the work brings together over 200 acquis parts Sacred Art Museum of Pernambuco – MASPE, highlighting its role as a monument to faith, culture and history of Pernambuco people.

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MASPE – 40 Years"I took a year and a half of work for the selection of works, which had as a criterion for choosing the historical significance, age and artistic relevance. Graphically, publication was ordered in a didactic, in rooms that allow the reader / museum visitors understand aspects of sacred production(worship the sacred) and religious (devotion to the sacred), and its influence on historical and cultural evolution of Pernambuco.

The subdivisions of this publication include images, fabrics, utensils and clothing, relics and remains of buildings, and presents gems, as the Santo Antonio dos Arcos, the ancient Arch of St. Anthony of Recife (Current entrance Street March 1), demolished in 1917; the set of images that reveal the worship of black saints in Brazil and other countries; the stolen tabernacle of the Mother of God Church in 1976 and recovered 40 years later; decapitated found in excavations and whose damage is attributed to the Dutch images, among others.

Inaugurated in 1977, the premises of the former Bishop's Palace, the MASPE celebrates 41 years of its creation. In each environment and each object, the visitor is placed in contact with human greatness and its finitude from the religious meaning of existence. “One piece carries much more than its value. Behind it we find an artistic school, a social context, beyond the religiosity of the people”, concludes On. Rinaldo Pereira.

Title: “MASPE – 40 Years
authors: On. Rinaldo Pereira, Iron Mendes Araujo Jr.. and Anazuleide Ferreira
Year: 2018
Pages: 229
Price: $ 80.00
Event: Publication Launch “MASPE – 40 Years
Date: 15 September 2018, Saturday, às 11h
Local: Museu de Arte Sacra de São Paulo
Address: Avenida Tiradentes, 676 -Light, São Paulo (Tiradentes station of subway)
Tel.: 11 3326-5393


Sacred Art Museum of Pernambuco

Opened on 11 April 1977, the Museum of Sacred Art of Pernambuco (Maspe) It is installed one of the first buildings of Olinda Village, the former Town Hall, founded by Duarte Coelho in 1537. In 1676, when Olinda was elevated to city status, the building served as Episcopal Palace to their Bishop 1, Dom Stephen Brioso de Figueiredo. The former Palace of the Bishops of Olinda, belonging to the Archdiocese of Olinda and Recife, It has undergone several adaptations over the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, serving as a collective religious residence, college and army barracks during the 2nd World War. In its facade, You can see the old episcopal coat and a UNESCO board, from 14 th December 1982, declaring Olinda World Cultural Monument. Privileged by its location and amplitude, the old palace of Bishops was transformed by the Heritage Foundation and Artistic Pernambuco(Fundarpe) space for exhibition and study of sacred art or religious inspiration. The permanent collection of Maspe, which began to be built from other a hundred pieces provided by the Archdiocese of Olinda and Recife, today brings together objects of worship as popular saints and procession, reliquaries, wards and religious paintings. One of the highlights of this collection is the collection of old scholarly pictures, polychrome and gold, dating from the sixteenth century.

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