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Book "Rio Beijing - Two Avenues Centenary", cover. Disclosure.

Book launch “Rio Beijing - Two Avenues Centenary”, at the Cultural Center Of Post - RJ

Exposure Results Rio Beijing - Two centuries avenues, held at the Post Office Cultural Center at the end of the year 2018, book with the eponymous title is released in Brazil and China strengthen cultural exchanges sealed between Chinese and Brazilian photographers

The launch in Rio de Janeiro will be marked by the organization of the round table The art of Chinese photography which includes the mediation Milton Guran, curator and director of FotoRio - Photography International Meeting in Rio de Janeiro and with the participation of three Chinese guests: Wang Jianqi e Zhu Hongyu, Trustees Photo Beijing Festival and members of China Photographers Association Committee and Curation Wang Wieguang, one of the project's curators.

Cultural Center Post
Rua Visconde de Itaboraí, 20 – Center, RJ

Tuesday – 25 of June – from 16h to 18:30h SVideo wing (second floor)

The book Rio Beijing - Two centuries avenues brings images, historical and current, produced by Chinese and Brazilian photographers around two emblematic avenues known worldwide: Avenida Wangfujing, in Beijing, and Atlantic Avenue, on Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro. The issue is the unfolding of the exhibition of the same name, which was held at the Post Office Cultural Center at the end of the year 2018. Both projects are a response to the photographic exchange between Brazil and China, a process coordinated by the Chinese photographer Wang Weiguang that began in 2016 to hold an exhibition of the renowned Brazilian photographer Evandro Teixeira in the most important Chinese festival of photography, the Beijing Photo. The following year, or FotoRio 2017 presented photographic exhibitions China of a Chinese, de Wang Weiguang, and Body, de Zhu Hongyu, while the photo Beijing received exposure Altitude fields, the carioca photographer Kitty Paranaguá. The year of 2019 begins with the book launch Rio Beijing - Two centuries avenues.

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The book brings together in 96 pages and 80 two sets of images that articulate photographers to produce the portrait of a parallel time marked by great changes for both the young city of Rio de Janeiro and to the ancient Beijing. “The two emblematic avenues in focus are examples to illustrate these transformations. Beijing began the twentieth century as the capital of one of the most exotic and closed empires on the planet to enter the twenty-first century fully in line with what is most advanced in modernity. The Rio de Janeiro, until then a city still in colonial times, It has recovered in the last century to the brilliant capital of the young republic that aspired to progress and sought to give the country a positive image to take a prominent place among the nations. Copacabana Beach, next to the Central Avenue, each in its own way, It was the greatest icon of this transformation”, They say in chorus the curators of the exhibition and coordinators edition Milton Guran and Wang Weiguang.

To mark the launch on 25 of June, Tuesday, 16 hours, It happens to lecture The art of Chinese photography no Cultural Center Post. The lecture with the participation of three Chinese guests: Wang Jianqi e Zhu Hongyu, Trustees Photo Beijing Festival and members of China Photographers Association Committee Curation, e Wang Weiguang, co-curator of the project, besides the Brazilian photographers Fernando Maia and Monara Barreto. Mediation is the photographer and anthropologist Milton Guran, curator and director of FotoRio, one of the most important international festivals of photography in Brazil. The lecture has consecutive translation, Portuguese Chinese, and interpreter POUNDS.

With trouble chart bilingual publication – Portuguese/Chinese – It presents historical photos of these avenues throughout the twentieth century, complemented by current images. Will be 40 images by city being 10 historical, signed by Augusto Malta, Claus Meyer, France, João Luiz Bulcão, José Medeiros, Kurt Klagsbrunn e Marcel Gautherot e 60 contemporary, which were produced especially for this project, with the signing of the photographers Fernando Maia, Monara Barreto, Wang Weiguang e Kang Xuesong. The distribution will be free for Brazil and China.

Relations between China and Brazil have gained extreme importance in recent years, so it is natural and desirable that the cultural dimension of these two nations win a major role in this exchange. In plane culture, photography is one of the most powerful forces of expression in both countries. River Beijing - Two centuries avenues ratifies this process. “Photography can approach people, building bridges, strengthen empathy and a joint exhibition like this opens, in fact, a window on each culture and causes that we can know each other better"Synthesize curators Milton Guran and Wang Weiguang.

The exhibition and the book have incentive of the Rouanet Law and sponsorship of the Chinese company State Grid Brazil Holding S.A..

Round table The art of Chinese photography – participants:

Wang Jianqi: curador do Photo Beijing Festival e membro da China Photographers Association Curation Committee. He is director of the Monument of the Millennium Art Museum of China and the China Millennium Monument to the Management Center and Vice President of Artistic Photographic Society of China. He also held the positions of president of the Gehua Cultural Development Group Beijing.

Zhu Hongyu: photographer, curator of Beijing Photo Festival, membro da China Photographers Association Curation Committee, Counsel and Assistant Secretary General of Artistic Photographic Society of China and Head of Cultural Development Group Gehua Beijing. Also accumulates the position of Director of Visual China Millennium Monument.

Kang Xuesong: Photojournalist, is editor in chief of Police Science Digest Magazine and Beijing Morning Post photojournalist. In 2001, Dakang founded the Photography Gallery in Panjiayuan. In 2017, he founded the Time Gallery & Museum em Aldeia de Gao Li Ying, shunyi. Born in Beijing in 1964.

Fernando Maia a degree in journalism from the University Gama Filho and started photojournalist career in 1981. He worked in the newspaper O Globo during 25 years, participating in major national and international coverage, in several areas. In 2011 He left the Globe and founded the company Fotopress, which is still operating in various fields and developing photography projects. Among other projects, covered political campaigns, participating also cover the possessions of Presidents Lula and Dilma Rousseff. Maia participated in the major events coverage as the visit of Pope John Paul II and the World Youth Day (2013), which included the presence of the Pope Francisco. In major partnership with Riotur, He did extensive work on Carnival, including editing and participation with 90 Photos in Rio Carnival book, the Greatest Show Earth. With the same partnership, He produced a large bank of aerial images of the city of Rio.


Monara Barreto It is formed by the School rated Photographers (2009) and Library and the UFRJ Information Services Management. He worked for four years as indexing program Screenshots bank People's Images. He completed the courses for photographic collections Organization area offered by the National Historical Museum, Preservation and conservation of photographic collections offered by the Moreira Salles Institute and Thesaurus Construction Course offered by UFRJ. He participated as a speaker of the 1st Cycle of Lectures CCFP Funarte 30 years, days 21 and 22 th November of 2016, in the Auditorium of the National Historical Museum. Worked in Cataloging and packaging of the Archival Collection and bibliographic library of the Rio Art Museum - SEA. He participated in numerous photo exhibitions, among them: "PAC Memories", photographic record of the German Slum set of communities during the process of the PAC, no Parque Lage, in 2009. "Dreamcatcher", that inaugurated the Gallery 535, Maré, in 2010. "Pleasure, I am of the People ", Centro Cultural Laurinda Santos Lobo, Santa Teresa, 2010. "Favela in focus", Gallery 535, Maré, in 2013. "Folia Images", Gallery 535, Maré, in 2014. "We", Shed Beautiful Tide. "Ginga life", Alliance Française Botafogo. "River of 450 Janeiros "FotoRio 2015 – American stores.

Engineers Edition:

The mediator of the lecture, the photographer and anthropologist Milton Guran: winner of the Vitae Arts Exchange (1991) and, twice, Award Marc Ferrez Funarte. In 2016, It was awarded in the program Rumos Itaú Cultural Institute. His works are part of the Pirelli-MASP collections, MAM Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, MAR – Art Museum of Rio and MEP – Maison Européenne de la Photographie, among other, public and private. Curator in the photography area is the creator of FotoRio - International Meeting in Rio de Janeiro Photograph and one of its coordinators.

Wang Weiguang Brand He is a member of China Photographers Association, China Photographers Association and the Professional Photographes of America. His photographs are regularly published by the Chinese magazine Photography, Popular Photography, Chinese Photographers, among other. He was winner of the following awards: Excellent World of China 13th International Photographic Art Exhibition (2009), Bronze medal at the 3rd China International Competition (2010), Silver medal in China 3rd Photgraphic Intenational Biennale (2010), Besides being chosen one of the best Pro's Cannon Photographers (2012).

Rio and Beijing 2018 - Two centuries avenues
96 pages, 80 photos - free distribution
Launch: Lecture The art of Chinese photography - day 25 of June, Tuesday, from 16to h 18:30h, Cultural Center Post
Rua Visconde de Itaboraí 20 – Center, RJ- (21) 2253-1580


editorial coordination: Milton Guran

Coordination China-Brazil: Wang Weiguang Brand
Curated By: Milton Guran e Wang Weiguang
Presentation: ARFOC – Assoc. of Photographic and Cinematographic Reporters of Rio de Janeiro
Production: Light Tropical Culture & productions
Photos of Augusto Malta, Claus Meyer / Tyba, Fernando Maia, France, João Luiz Bulcão, José Medeiros, Kurt Klagsbrunn, Marcel Gautherot. Monara Barreto, Wang Weiguang e Kang Xuesong.
Image Search - Copacabana Beach: Ana Bartolo
Translation into Chinese: Lin Jwo Yunn
Translation into Portuguese: Wang Weiguang Brand
Design: Melanie Guerra
Production coordination: Alexandre Hypolito
Secretary of production: Thais Rock
Printing photos: Thiago Barros

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