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Leandro Luiz Santos – Segga

Leandro Luiz Santos – Segga é Artista Plástico.

Leandro Luiz Santos-Segga is an artist.

Leandro Luiz Santos – Segga

“My first contact with Graffiti, between 96 and 97, It was through the streets, the graffiti. Graffiti art took some time to have the prestige and the importance it has today. It wasn't very common to graffiti at the time, the fact you tagging something on the walls has always been compared with Act of vandalizing, dirty, Scribble. Not everyone understand art.”

“In fact the graffiti has always been seen as illegal art, as a graffiti. It was not easy to buy a spray, There were laws that forbade the sale to minors of age. But the fact that you know the streets and the language of graffiti, that's what gave me the contact with the art of graffiti. So the graffiti became our work, with the support of cultural points, and schools began to adopt the art. Today the Graffiti and urban art became fashion item, luxury item. Is inside of the most important art galleries in the world. There are several artists of different styles and techniques. I always drew, but the graffiti is more than a simple art. Be free to express themselves, get forms, turn into something, shape through the colors!!!”

Leandro Segga also participated in several collective exhibitions, socio-cultural projects and collective works, next to private entities and the State Government of Rio de Janeiro and the Federal Government, in partnerships with Metrô Rio, as the Graphite Cup (2013) in partnership with 10 other artists and the project Galerio (2014), where gathered more than 150 artists of Brazil in open air Gallery.


  • Exhibition “Save St. George 23 Porto das Artes, Factory of spectacles”, 2017, Rio de janeiro.
  • Solo Exhibition “Alchemists”, Bistro Alchemy, 2016, São Paulo.
  • Solo Exhibition “The umbrellas factory”, Embú Guaçú Cultural space, 2015, São Paulo.
  • Artistic Collective Intervention Galerio (Project in partnership with the city and Metro Rio), 2015.
  • Artistic Collective Intervention Graphite Cup (2013).
  • Group exhibition floating Colors, São Paulo, 2011.
  • Group Exhibition UniSuam Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 2010.
  • Group exhibition Institute Roots in motion, Rio de Janeiro, 2008.

Gato, gravatas e retrato de Amy Winehouse.

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