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Leandro Machado - Award French Alliance of Porto Alegre. Photo: Fabio Alt.

LEANDRO MACHADO promotes circulation WAY OF ARCHEOLOGY project


Leandro Machado

visual artist Leandro Machado will present the book and the exhibition Leandro Machado – Archeology Path in four cities, with funding from SEDACTEL No. 26/2017 Notice Contest "Pro-culture RS FAC # juntospelacultura_2" – closing cycle in Porto Alegre in half 2019

In the proposal "Archeology Path", Leandro Machado, the idea of ​​the visual artist was seeking peripheral spaces, elsewhere the capital that were not so central, images than those that the media usually evokes. In Leandro vision, andarilhar aimed to deconstruct what you think deeply know. "It seems that people of the city are only those that circulate by the Center, Lower town, windmills… Porto Alegre is so broad, only, powerful! They are peripheral places, but - at the same time - other centers. I went to places unknown, others who only knew by name, what was written on the bus header, as Itu Sabara, Sarandi, Vila Isabel, Retiro da Ponta Grossa, Lami… It's another Porto Alegre, sometimes even more beautiful than this we know ", account.

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The project has funding of SEDACTEL nº 26/2017 Notice Contest "Pro-culture RS FAC # juntospelacultura_2" and production of STEPHANOU Cultural, take the Book and Exhibition Leandro Machado – Archeology Path, in order to promote the circulation of cultural goods, the cities of Rio de janeiro Brazil - Cultural Corner of Carambola, Montevideo / Uruguay - Mars Gallery, La Rochelle / França - Intermondes Center, and Porto Alegre, Brazil - Contemporary Art Museum of Rio Grande do Sul (MACRS), December / 2018 to August / 2019.

On 8 of december, the visual artist gaucho, disembarks not Rio de Janeiro, for exhibition opening and book launch Leandro Machado – Archeology Path, in Canto da Carambola, Middle Street 123 - Santa Teresa - Rio de Janeiro / RJ, with free distribution of the book from 18h, autograph session and a chat with the audience about the creation process (practice to be held in all cities covered).

The project aims to give voice to these people, to these places, meet and exchange. no daily, in general, our routines have a predefined stroke, always like, as shown by the artist. walks were carried out by the North Zone of Porto Alegre, started in December 2015 (twice a week). Photographer Paulo Correa and Leandro Machado circulated by IAPI neighborhoods, Leopoldina, Cohab Rubem Berta, Parque Santa Fe, Sarandi [Vila Isabel, Walloon, White wing, Meneghetti] and a stretch of the avenue Sertório.

this path, were other Port Alegres [unknown], specific modes of trade in the neighborhoods and villages, different modes exist, black areas, communities of resistance. The artist looked for the presence of the cottages, condos in increasing numbers, showing the control and safety issues. Among the roads, ways, squares, They appeared in the records manifestations of visual arts, The role of the environment (plants, herbs, vermin, streams, sewage, Walloons), I regret the lack of public power…

The project was first presented in 2016, Atelier in Jabutipê, at the time Fumproarte funded by the Municipal Department of Culture of Porto Alegre.

After the launch in cities Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo and La Rochelle, the project returns to the city of origin, Porto Alegre, at the Contemporary Art Museum of Rio Grande do Sul (MACRS) to resubmit the project and the experiences that the artist experienced in these new cities.

"Leandro Machado - Archeology Path"
Chat with the artist and autograph session
Date: 8 of december (Saturday), a partir the 18h
Local: Canto da Carambola
Address: Middle Street, 123 - Santa Teresa - Rio de Janeiro / RJ
Free entry, with free distribution of the book


On the publication and exhibition:

Title: Leandro Machado - Path Archeology
Artist: Leandro Machado

Financing: SEDACTEL – Pro-culture RS FAC
Production: Stephanou Cultural
Photographer: Paulo Correa
Curator: Antônio Augusto Good

Gin Amazon
Cato from Carambola
Cachaça Chica
Intermondes Center
Contact Accounting
graphic Odyssey
Major Tom – Photo Gallery

More: https://vimeo.com/132160885

About visual artist:

Leandro Machado dos Santos was born in Porto Alegre / RS, in 1970. Bachelor of Visual Arts - Painting qualification, UFRGS (Porto Alegre/RS, 2003); He completed a degree in Art Education 2007 also by UFRGS. Also has Specialization in Mental Health - São Pedro Psychiatric Hospital, Integrated Health Residency, School of Public Health (Porto Alegre/RS, 2007).

Solo Exhibitions [recent]:

– Schematic drawings. Source of the room, Pinacoteca Aldo Locatelli, Porto Alegre/RS, 2018.
– Look gifts. Intermondes Center, La Rochelle / EN, 2018.
– Otá or when the stone does not know it's statue. Curated by Leonardo Remor. Galeria Peninsula, Porto Alegre/RS, 2017.
– Photo album. Gallery Iberê Camargo, Usina do Gasometer, Porto Alegre/RS, 2016.
– Realization of Archeology Path Project, with support from Fumproarte – Municipality of Porto Alegre / RS, 2015.

Colective Exhibitions [recent]:

– RS XXI - Rio Grande do Sul Experimental. Curated By: Paulo Herkenhoff. Santander Cultural, Porto Alegre/RS, 2018.
– contemporary crossing the South Atlantic. Curated By: José Francisco Alves. Open Arts Way, Porto Alegre/RS, 2018.
– 1º Contemporary Art Prize of the French Alliance POA. Gallery basement of City Hall of Porto Alegre Prefecture, Porto Alegre/RS.
– Queermuseu – difference of cartography in Brazilian art. Curated By: Gaudêncio Fidelis. Santander Cultural, Porto Alegre/RS.
– 25 Duchamp times. Curated By: José Francisco Alves. Funarte premium Black Art, Ministry of Culture, 2012.

other highlights:

– 1Th place in the 1st Contemporary Art Prize of the French Alliance. Alliance Française Porto Alegre / RS, 2017.
– Opens at 12. Curated By: Adriana Varejao, Paula Borghi and André Sheik. Gallery A Gentil Carioca, Rio de Janeiro/RJ, 2016.
– From 2013 to 2015: participation as a guest artist at the Casa Grande Project. MAC-RS, Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana, Porto Alegre/RS, 2017.

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