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Leandro Portella

Leandro Portella é Artista Plástico.

Leandro Paul's Artist.

Leandro Portella

Born in Sao Paulo – São Paulo, born in 1981, painting started after an accident, in 1999, that left him a quadriplegic and took almost all of his movements, Since then with a brush in his mouth he seeks in art a real way of expressing what you feel.

Involved in full with your rehab, the painting was bequeathed to the hobby, In addition to being a great therapy and accompanied him during your long battle for life.

Always exploring the most of their abilities with the brush in the mouth, new techniques have emerged.

By 2001, your art was basically a therapy, so didn't have so much freedom to create. After this time has won more movements and your art gained more authenticity.

His work is alternative, contemporary and in love. He travels closely inside the secret people, sharpening the imaginations.


Participation-Artopen 2016 Eschweiler-Germany.
Participation – Festival of art and culture of FADI Sorocaba – Brazil.
Participation – Arts Award 1822 -Frankfurter Sparkasse Gallery Frankfurt-Germany.

Participation-Artopen 2014 -Eschweiler-Germany.

Individual Expo-Idiosyncrasy II-Hall of Araçoiaba da Serra – Brazil.
Individual Expo-Idiosyncrasy II-Hotel Vila da Serra, Araçoiaba da Serra – Brazil.

Individual Expo-Idiosyncrasy I – St. Peter's Spa Sorocaba – Brazil.

Individual Expo – Picasso in my own way – Biofitt Sorocaba Academy – Brazil.
Single-purpose College Expo portal of Hill Sorocaba – Brazil.
Individual-Expo Shopping Esplanade Sorocaba – Brazil).

Single-Purpose College Expo Sorocaba – Brazil.
Individual Uni University Expo Santana São Paulo – Brazil.

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Araçoiaba da Serra – São Paulo
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E-mail: leandro.portella@yahoo.com.br


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