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Remember SpARTakos? A few things have happened...

SpARTakosRemember SpARTakos?

Website Obras de Arte was the first art website to spot him, back in June 2014, soon after he started showing his work online.

His feature article on our website hit 1000 likes in no time, which confirmed us in the best way that he truly is a promising artist. A few things have happened since then…

He has been selected in the first 200 international artists to be permanently exhibited in MIA (Museo Internacional de Arte) in Venado Tuerto, Argentina.

He has created a beautiful personal website to showcase his work and offer professional services.

He has been featured in Studiovox.com, an artist website based in California which exclusively partners with Robert Redford's Sundance Galleries.

He has collaborated with a few interior designers and sent off work to private collections.

He has been invited to put his artwork on clothes by VIDA & Co, an ethical fashion company, also based in California, USA.

He has been spotted by fashion bloggers.

He has found the best people to manage his blog and social media, and give him feedback , as he prefers to spend his time creating work and learning about new techniques.

NOW his free ebook is on the way...…

Glance” (Glance) is going to be about “a fresh dive into his art world”, as his team says on their blog.

The perfect Sunday morning coffee read“, we think here at Website Obras de Arte.

If you think it sounds good, make sure you join their email list below. We have certainly done that!

SpARTakos Glance Cover

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SpARTakos_Stelios_Kelemenidis_Eyes_On_YouTulip, W= 82 x H= 62 cm





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