Leonel Muniz

Leonel Muniz é Artista Plástico.

Leonel Muniz is Plastic Artist.

Leonel Muniz

Muniz, artistic pseudonym Leonel Muniz Almeida, born in the city of Rio de Janeiro in the year 1965, in a family of Portuguese origin and Rio. To the 7 years old, worker's child in a cigarette factory and seamstress, drawing on paper bread models for application in dresses that her mother sewed.

"Now I understand that draw on paper bread was very important for my training. Can transform books discarded in the trash into works of art. I presented this process in the exhibition About Novels, no TJDFT, of Ceilândia forum, 2015 year "

As a child already showed his vocation for drawing, coming to win award for best design at the School Izabel Mendes - RJ and 11 years old, in 1976, after the death of his father, He came to Brasilia with family, mother and brother, at the invitation of his uncle José Marcos Muniz, where he lives to this day.

With advancing age and the natural evolution of research and experiments, It was replaced by the color marker pencil pens, crayons, gouache, acrylic, until you reach the oil on canvas, the unmistakable trace with spatulas.

Participated in art exhibitions in White Bird Education Center - BEAC drawings and contests in the city of Taguatinga, where he spent much of his childhood and adolescence, the QNJ 25.

Muniz liked to paint sailboats and sea, for what became known as "seas painter", images that gave him tranquility and relaxation during the process.

Deciding to change the subject and break with the label, embarked with references, Amazon landscapes and fields of things.

In true, to diversify into the theme of "reference", Muniz was practically creating a school with its loose brush strokes, and loaded with a different vibrating spatula and.

The Muniz work cover a large collection in his studio with diversification of topics in various styles and techniques.

The Muniz himself defines his painting when he says "I understand that the painting should express feelings, can bring benefits to both admire and even cure diseases. For me, good framework should, besides being painted, bring the author's soul. It is necessary to offer the viewer a dialogue between the real and the imaginary, travel inside and relax neurons. "

Casa Rosa da Fazenda.

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Leonel Muniz
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