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Fabiano de Abreu - MF Media Relations. Photo: Jayro Cerqueira Jcsphotography.

Limitations of Memory

Abreu Fabiano poem about the limits of memory

In the midst of one of his anxiety insomnia, Abreu Fabiano poet describes the human limits in their memories and regrets the fact not we record 100% what we see to prove that we are not so perfect:

“I feel sad when I want to remember the detailed moments, the way I saw him and I can not. It makes me wonder how I am limited and biological as a skeleton, skin and muscles that will one day disappear.”


Give me a theme to make a sentence
Give me the motto to follow the direction
I still confuse where to put the crase
But nothing prevents you from writing from the heart

I wanted us to be rulers
For we know nothing and are nothing
Or we would not forget a few moments
The thought that comes grounded
The missing parts of the past

Give me case for my sentence
Why are we not as sovereign
To invent themes that has not passed
For we are so obvious and similar
What makes us think that of known
We are only to be buried skeleton

Fabiano de Abreu

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